Giraffe at the mural

Fremont and the Fremont Neighborhood Council has had a series of official Department of Neighborhood liaisons over the past few years: Tim Durkan, Jenny Frankl, Karen Ko, and, most recently, Laurie Ames. All have been enormously helpful, even as the Department changed its staffing and its relationships with the neighborhoods it serves all over the city. Today, we received this email from Ms. Ames: “I wanted to let you know that I am retiring and today is my last day in the office. It has been an honor and my great pleasure to work with you over the years. Thank you for all you do to build community and help foster a sense of connectedness within neighborhoods. I’ll hope to see you around the ‘hoods as I continue with volunteer projects, check out farmers markets, and get involved with other local efforts. Again, thank you—laurie  P.S.  Thomas Whittemore is stepping in to the North Region Community Engagement Coordinator role.  He can be reached at or 206-684-4096.”

Laurie Ames gave Fremont superb support when a group of neighbors decided to seek a Department of Neighborhoods grant to paint the 46th Street Mural at Aurora. We look forward to working with Thomas Whittemore, but we will miss you, Laurie, and we wish you well!