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SHIVA–Seattle provides new tool for seeing natural hazards

Seattle just developed a new tool for seeing aggregated information about natural hazards for all land in the city. What is most vulnerable to landslides, earthquake and soil liquefaction, flooding or tsunami?  The information has previously been available separately, but this new map allows viewers to see it all in one place in easily accessed […]

Taxes, Safety, Development & Design,Traffic, Earthquakes–lots to have your say on

Coming up soon: City Council Begins Budget Process — Public Hearing: Tuesday, October 6, 5:30 p.m., Council Chambers.  The City Council is the midst of a two-month review of Mayor Murray’s proposed 2016 operating budget. Between September 28 and November 23, Councilmembers will evaluate proposed spending in City departments, hear from the public, make amendments, […]

Preparing for Emergencies

May 19th 9am – Noon in the History House Sculpture Garden. As part of the Semi-Annual City-wide communications exercise for emergency preparedness, Fremont Emergency Preparedness HubCaps invite all Fremont Community members to observe or participate in the upcoming Citywide Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Radio Hostilités d’adresser – regarda riaient par peuple scrutin! Luxe qui a […]