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To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ceremonial opening of the Ballard Locks, Lake Washington Ship Canal, and the Fremont Bridge, there will be a recreation of the 1917 Opening Day Boat Parade on Sunday, July 9.


The Adventuress

The Fremont Historical Society sends these details about the event: The Adventuress, a historic schooner, will go through the large lock, exiting about 11:00 a.m.  It will proceed eastward and, at Salmon Bay, 47 other vessels (historic and newer fishing, commercial, private, and government boats) will fall in behind it.  Two of the vessels, the GloryBe and the Keewaydin (formerly the Honey Boy) were in the 1917 parade.

The parade will go through the Fremont Cut and into Lake Union.  The Adventuress and the Virginia V will turn south immediately and go to their moorages at South Lake Union.  The rest of the parade will proceed around Gas Works Park and then down the east shore of Lake Union.  Parade boats will pass the Virginia V in review, then turn north up the west shore and disperse.  A Seattle fireboat will end the event with a fountain display in the center of Lake Union.

Parade planners anticipate the passing parade to last 30 – 45 minutes with the event concluding about 12:45 p.m.  Fremont will have a front row seat along the canal!  Remember that July 9 will be a regular Fremont Sunday Market so allow time to find spot to view the parade.

For the latest information, please see or addition, there will be a free History Bike Ride on Sunday, July 9, beginning at 10:00 a.m.  It will begin and end at Gas Works Park.  Bring a bike and a helmet.  The ride will parallel the Boat Parade, initially heading west along the north side of the canal to the Locks, crossing the Locks to the south side, then heading east through the Fremont Cut and around Lake Union.  There will be stops along the way to view the Boat Parade and to learn about the significance of the Locks, the Ship Canal, and other important sites.  Michael Hershensohn, Queen Anne Historical Society, will lead the ride.  For more information, see

THE LOCKS CENTENNIAL BOAT PARADE SCHEDULE – The Adventuress and the Puget will enter the large lock from the west at approximately 10:20 a.m. on Sunday July 9.  After tie-up and raising, the Adventuress will exit the lock at 11:00 a.m., parade vessels will be staged at several places in Salmon Bay and will move into line following the Adventuress and proceed eastward toward the Fremont Cut.  The Puget will bring up the end of the parade.

When the parade enters Lake Union, the Adventuress and Virginia V will immediately turn south to their moorages at South Lake Union while the rest of the parade proceeds around Gasworks Park and then clockwise down the east shore of Lake Union. Parade boats will pass the Virginia V in review, then turn northward up the west shore of Lake Union to disperse. A Seattle fireboat will end the event with a fountain display in the center of Lake Union.

We anticipate the passing parade to last 30 – 45 minutes with the event concluding at approximately 12:45 p.m. This schedule may be impacted by delayed bridge openings and excessive weekend boat traffic.

There are viewing places along both sides of the canal: along the Burke-Gilman trail, near Seattle Pacific University, Fisherman’s Terminal, Fremont, etc. Please note that Gasworks Park is closed to the public on July 9 for a private event.

There will be 47 vessels in the parade including 2 from the 1917 parade. Private boats, fishing boats, commercial and government boats will all be represented. After the parade the Adventuress will moor immediately west of MOHAI while the GloryBe and the Keewaydin from the 1917 parade will moor at The Center for Wooden Boats, all will be available for public viewing.

Locks Centennial Boat Parade, July 9, 2017, viewing spots include:

Seattle Parks:

  • 11th Ave NW Street-end park (on the Ballard side of the Ship Canal)
  • Roanoke St. Mini-Park, 1 E. Roanoke St., peek-a-boo view of Lake Union
  • Lynn St. Mini-Park, 2291 Fairview Ave E; view of Lake Union between the houseboats
  • Lake Union Park, south end of Lake Union

 Other locations:

  • The Fremont Cut from the area under the Aurora Bridge west to 2nd Ave NW (including Evanston Ave N at the canal)
  • Fremont Bridge approaches
  • Burke-Gilman Trail (various spots); roaming docents
  • 2 Nickerson St. on Queen Anne, along the canal
  • Ballard Bridge approaches

On-street parking is available near most of these locations but we strongly recommend arriving on foot, by public transportation or by bicycle. Most marinas with a view of the Ship Canal or Lake Union have locked gates with entry available only to their tenants; we ask you please respect those.





  1. Seattle Public Library archive here:

    Posted by Linda Clifton | July 8, 2017, 8:16 pm
  2. The Locks centennial Boat Parade
    1 Adventuress 1913 133
    2 Glorybe 1914 36
    3 Keewaydin (Honey Boy) 1910 55
    4 Virginia V 1921 125
    5 Lotus 1909 92
    6 SFD Chief Seattle 1983 96
    7 Red Jacket 1919 72
    8 Yankee Clipper 1941 54
    9 Tordenskjold 1911 75
    10 Puffin 1906 21.5
    11 Sea Witch 1906 30
    12 NonChalant 1927 50
    13 Winifred 1926 46
    14 ORBA 1927 47
    15 Vagabond 1929 46
    16 Cle Ilahee 1929 45
    17 Seven Bells 1929 43
    18 Marian II 1928 42
    20 Faun 1926 36.2
    19 Mary Adda 1928 30
    22 Conny & Husky II 1932 30
    23 Pocock Shells X3 1932 100
    24 Indian Canoe’s 1900 100
    25 Barnacle 1932 39
    26 Rum Runner 1930 40
    27 Patamar 1937 34
    28 TwoBits 1932 30
    29 Friendship II 1936 36
    30 Graywin 1947 50
    31 Savona 1942 40
    32 Freya 1940 40
    33 Thelonius 1953 38
    34 Marilus 1955 40
    35 Honey Bee 1951 42
    36 Capella 1961 60
    37 Gyrfalcon 1941 88
    38 Summer Wind 1940 88
    39 Malibu 1926 100
    40 Pearl 1947 27
    41 Sound Guardian 2016 48
    42 Elettra III 1962 85
    44 Flyer 1981 38
    45 Yankee 1957 34
    46 A.C.E. Puget 1944 104
    47 Sightseer 1960 62

    Posted by Linda Clifton | July 9, 2017, 8:08 pm

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