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Proposal-development for North side of 34th Jan 2015

LARGE NEW PROJECT PLANNED FOR N 34TH up for discussion Monday night, Jan. 26 at FNC

At the Fremont Neighborhood Council on Monday, January 26, 2015, 7-8:30pm at the Doric Temple, 619 N. 36th St., some very important projects with real impact on Fremont will be discussed. First, the major new project proposed for the north side of 34th from Carquest Bldg to Aurora, in the block that includes History House […]

FNC January 26 agenda includes SDOT Stairway Build Project, 34th N Development

Fremont Neighborhood Council Meeting – AGENDA for Monday, January 26, 2015, 7-8:30pm at Doric Temple, 619 N. 36th St. 7:05 pm    Introductions
{Real start time!} 7:10    Announcements about Fremont related events coming up 7:15    SDOT Report on Stairway Rebuild Projects General outreach; Problems with steps on 43rd between Palatine and Greenwood New proposed replacement, Bowdoin between Evanston Alley […]

Fremont Neighborhood Council active in community safety and more–Join us for 2015

In 2014 the Fremont Neighborhood Council took on a number of projects, including: Supported neighborhood efforts for increased pedestrian safety on Fremont Avenue, N 39th, and Stone Way N—improvements have been made on Stone Way and will be made on Fremont Avenue in 2015 Pressed successfully for restoration of the awning at Fremont Ave. and […]

Should Seattle Use Participatory Budgeting to determine city budget priorities?

Save the date, Jan. 27, 6-8 pm for a Seattle Participatory Budgeting event in the Bertha Knight Landes Room at City Hall, 600 4th Avenue downtown, co-hosted by City Councilmember Licata & the City Neighborhood Council, to determine whether Seattle should initiate such a project locally. Participatory Budgeting is “a democratic process in which community […]

Big construction project on 100-year-old Fremont Siphon to start soon

King County will be replacing the Fremont Siphon very soon. King County tells us: The Fremont Siphon is a major sewer pipe running under Fremont and Queen Anne. It carries sewage and stormwater from north Seattle and other cities and towns in the north end of the county to the West Point Treatment Plant in […]