King County will be replacing the Fremont Siphon very soon. King County tells us:

The Fremont Siphon is a major sewer pipe running under Fremont and Queen Anne. It carries sewage and stormwater from north Seattle and other cities and towns in the north end of the county to the West Point Treatment Plant in Magnolia. The pipe is now almost 100 years old. It must be replaced to keep serving the region safely and reliably. Construction starts in early 2015 and should be complete in early 2017. Replacing this pipe is a major project. The work will disrupt some parts of daily life along the Ship Canal in western Fremont and northern Queen Anne. The project team wants you to know what we’re doing and how you can learn more.

Project site update
King County purchased the old Praxair building (215 NW 36th Street) earlier this year. Once the building is demolished, one of two tunnel shafts necessary to install the new pipe under the Ship Canal will be constructed there. This property will also be the site for the new pipe’s permanent odor control equipment. County staff monitors the property regularly and is committed to maintaining it. Please let me know if you notice conditions of concern.

Selecting a contractor
The County expects to select a contractor in January 2015. The contractor will submit a formal project schedule in early 2015. More information about the project schedule will be shared as it becomes available.

Learning more
Here’s how you can find out more about the project:
* Join the project team at the County’s pre-construction community meeting in early 2015
* Visit the project website
* Call the project information hotline available around the clock (beginning in January 2015)
* Invite the County project team to present at a community group
* Attend a briefing for one of the local community groups in early 2015
* Work directly with the project team on specific questions

King County recognizes that a big construction project can be disruptive to those living or working near it. The County project team is committed to being a good neighbor and will share more information in the soon. For more information please contact me at this email or via the phone numbers below. You can also visit the project website by searching “Fremont Siphon” at

Best wishes to you and yours for a safe, happy holiday,
Doug Marsano
Community Relations Lead
King County Wastewater Treatment Division
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