FNC has arranged for painting four utility boxes in Fremont, including the one in front of BF Day Elementary. Neighbor Judie Clarridge writes, “I was driving southbound on Fremont Avenue on Sunday morning and stopped at the traffic light at 39th, near B. F. Day School.  While I was waiting, I noticed a mom and her two pre-school children by the traffic signal box.  The artwork your organization painted on it includes a crocodile (alligator?) whose body goes around all four sides of the box.  The kids were walking around and around the box as they traced the crocodile’s body with their hands.   It made me wonder if that image was chosen for that location because kids might engage with it. If so, they are!  Thanks for adding artwork to the boxes in Fremont.” Look for more boxes painted by Kyler Martz at N 36th and Fremont Avenue and, in progress, “Parade” at Aurora & 46th (funded by a grant from Matt Gasparich and Maritime Training Services).