Councilmember Larry Phillips writes:

I  wish to advise you of a proposal under consideration for funding Metro Transit service and local road and transportation infrastructure in King County.The King County Council is currently considering proposed legislation that would form a Transportation Benefit District in order to place a local transportation funding measure on the April 2014 ballot.  The proposed measure would generate approximately $130 million annually from two revenue sources:  a $60 annual vehicle fee and 0.1% increase in sales tax.  A separate proposal calls for adoption of a scheduled fare increase of 25 cents for 2015 and the first-ever reduced fare for low income riders.A public hearing will be held on this proposed legislation, and you are invited to attend and provide testimony to King County Councilmembers.  Please feel free to share this information with others in your community who may be interested in participating in the public process.  Details below:   

Special Meeting of the King County Council 

Public Hearing on Proposed Ordinances 2013-0526 & 2013-0527

Tuesday, February 4, 2014, 6:00 pm*

*Sign-in begins at 5:30 pm

Union Station, Ruth Fisher Board Room, 401 South Jackson Street, Seattle, WA 98104 

As background information, in order to maintain existing levels of service Metro Transit needs up to $75 million annually in additional revenue.   King County will be required to cut up to 600,000 annual transit service hours beginning later this year if new revenue is not established.  Metro Transit has released a preliminary look at how those cuts would potentially be distributed using adopted service guideline policies.  

Thank you again for your interest.  I appreciate the opportunity to provide this update.


Larry Phillips, Chair Metropolitan King County Council, District Four – King County Courthouse, 516 Third Avenue, Room 1200, Seattle, WA 98104-3272 206.296.1004  

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