FROM KING COUNTY METRO: ” This email is to inform you that King County Metro and Seattle Department of Transportation are working together on a proposal to improve transit service and traffic flow on Fremont Ave North between North 34th Street and North 35th Street that would result in some parking revisions along Fremont Ave North.

“Since September 2012, the number of buses serving the northbound and southbound bus stops on Fremont Ave North just north of 34th Street has increased from about 8 buses an hour to 15 buses an hour during the peak. This increases the likelihood of two buses arriving at a bus stop at the same time and the current stops are not long enough to accommodate this. This results in the following bus blocking one of the travel lanes until the leading bus is able to leave, causing delays to riders and to general purpose traffic in the area. Similarly, buses must wait for traffic queues to clear in order to pull into the travel lane when leaving the northbound bus stop and when entering the southbound bus stop. Restricting parking along the block would allow for buses to serve the stops without having to wait for vehicular traffic to clear. A total of 2 commercial loading zones, 1 passenger loading zone, and about 40 feet of general parking would be removed to facilitate these improvements.”  Kendra Dedinsky, PE, NW District Facilities Planner, King County Metro Transit Route Facilities (206) 263-4954