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How to navigate during “Maximum Constraint”

Seattle staff is working to try to minimize problems of navigating the Seattle Squeeze during the period of “Maximum Constraint” when the Viaduct comes down and the tunnel is finally opened. Some of us from FNC attended an information session and received this follow-up, which we’re passing on to you: “Thank you for attending one […]

Metro Improves Service in Fremont Using 2014 Prop 1 Dollars

On September 23 Metro will improve service to a number of routes, including several in Fremont. See the full list at Metro Service Change here. Fremont routes experiencing changes are: 5, 28, 40, 44, 62, RapidRide E, and late night Fremont routes being extended are the 5, 44, and Rapid Ride E. You can see those details […]

Bus from Third Ave to Fremont slow? Delayed? SDOT & Metro asking for opinion on fixes

SDOT and Metro are doing some workshops on how to improve the situation downtown, which could help Fremont with more reliable service. Come to a Third Avenue Neighborhood Session to share what transit and pedestrian improvements you think matter most. Last fall you helped us create a list of potential pedestrian and transit improvements […]

Proposed Metro Changes create new route 62, connect Fremont and Wallingford

Metro just announced a proposed series of changes to north end routes, designed for better connections when light rail stations open in the U District and Roosevelt neighborhood. One of the changes for Fremont is that the #16 bus goes away and is replaced by a new route 62 which will connect downtown Fremont and […]

Alignment with UW Sound Transit station may affect Fremont transit in 2016

Changes proposed for Metro may affect Fremont transit service. At the FNC Annual Meeting Monday night, FNC President Stephanie Pure talked about the “proposed route changes in Fremont.” She said: In short, Metro is looking to align its service with the UW Sound Transit station coming online in March 2016.  (That UW station means getting […]

Transit Map shows routes with frequent service

Updated for the new increases in service, this map shows Seattle routes that offer service every 15 minutes or less.  Fremont’s service includes the E Line, the d5, 26, 28, 31, 32, 40, and 44. While the 16 also serves East Fremont, it is not on this frequent service map. Thanks, Metro, and Seattle […]

Cuts in Metro Will Cause Pain for Fremont

If new funding sources do not develop, King County Metro will have to cut service by 17%.  Here are the cuts that will directly affect Fremont, and, below that, the news release from Metro.  First, our research on Fremont’s cuts: Routes in Fremont: 5 – Reduced to every 20 minutes during the day. 16 – […]

Metro Service Cuts Could Be 17%–State Senate Wants Your Opinion

 Large transit cuts may be coming and they may affect Fremont. Let the  Washington State Senate hear your views at their upcoming Transportation Forum, Monday, October 14th6:00-9:00 pm for presentations and opportunity for public comment **NEW LOCATION** First Presbyterian Church, 1013 8th Avenue, Seattle, WA More information about these transportation forums can be found on […]

Bicyclists, businesses, vehicle owners invited to SDOT meeting about Aurora and Stone Way

Fremont Transportation Meeting Wednesday, July 10, 8am History House (790 N 34th St)–Fremont welcomes presentations by SDOT on the Aurora Corridor Project and the Draft Bike Master Plan. These two transit oriented projects will affect the roads through Fremont, including the idea to add cycle tracks to both Fremont Ave N and Stone Way N. […]

Proposed Parking Revisions on Fremont Ave N Between 34th and 35th

FROM KING COUNTY METRO: ” This email is to inform you that King County Metro and Seattle Department of Transportation are working together on a proposal to improve transit service and traffic flow on Fremont Ave North between North 34th Street and North 35th Street that would result in some parking revisions along Fremont Ave […]