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Fremont’s Community Engagement Coordinator sends this heads-up:

It’s time to get ready for Chapter 3 of the #SeattleSqueeze, the period through 2024 where private and public construction projects put pressure on our transportation system, changing how we all get around.  There are several transformative transportation adjustments happening this fall and winter.

Be informed and prepared for:

Here’s what you can do:

  • Plan Ahead: Give yourself extra time to reach your destination and look for ways that you can shift the hours you commute or shift the modes of transportation you use. The changes you make have an impact on our whole transportation system!
  • Spread the Word: Please distribute the information in this email with your employees, constituents, community members, or other key stakeholders.
  • Request a Briefing: Our staff may be able to come speak with you and your key stakeholder groups to provide the latest information on the Seattle Squeeze, answer questions, and provide resources. Please provide the date, time, and location of the event when requesting a briefing!
  • Learn More: Please visit the webpages listed above or for more information and reach out to us with further questions or comments.

Please see translated materials at Email to request materials or a briefing.

Thank you for your continued coordination and support during the #SeattleSqueeze!

Thomas C Whittemore Community Engagement Coordinator

Office: 206.684-4096 Cell: 206.396-2788