Kamiak Real Estate is in the early planning stages for a new five-story project at the SW corner of N. 48th Street and Aurora Ave N.

If you have any questions or input related to this project, please send us an email to community@kamiak.com.   Please note that any information collected via this email address may be subject to public disclosure.

Kamiak and the project architect will host a community site tour/walk at the project site on July 12 from 5:30-6:30pm.  The site address is 4711 Aurora Avenue North.  The purpose of this tour is to share early design concepts for the project with interested stakeholders.

Additional information about the project can be found online via the Seattle Services Portal here

Relevant Project Details:


  • Address: 4711-4717 Aurora Avenue North
  • Developer Contact: Scott Lien
  • Project Number: 3029853-LU
  • Site Area: 7,700 square feet
  • Height: 55 feet approximately (five stories)
  • Appx. Square Feet: 25,000
  • Use: Apartments
  • Total Units: 58
  • Parking: 16 stalls
  • Potential start date: Late 2019
  • Construction Duration: 12 months estimated


Kind Regards,

Scott Lien

Kamiak Real Estate