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Your Fremont Neighborhood Council (FNC) has been speaking up and advocating for Fremont residents since 1980. We work to improve quality of life for all Fremont residents with a focus on land use, public safety, parks, housing, transportation, and other key community issues.

We organize community meetings, attend public hearings, confer with city and county officials, support neighbors

with resources for special projects and more. In 2024 we will invite more community partners to talk with us.

In 2023, the FNC accomplished the following:

  • Sponsored public presentations on issues impacting Fremont from Councilmembers Alex Pederson, Dan Strauss, SDOT, Seattle Housing and other city, county, and private organizations.
  • Worked with residents, Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, and other city organizations on projects in Fremont to reduce impacts and improve design.
  • Sponsored public presentations on greenways, traffic calming, Sound Transit, the Aurora Project, transit and public and government activities impacting Fremont.
  • Supported and collaborated with the Fremont Chamber of Commerce, Fremont Arts Council, and other organizations on issues including restoration and repairs to Waiting for the Interurban and Canal Park.

Join us to help make Fremont – the “Center of the Universe” – an even better place!

The FNC needs members to attend meetings and fill board vacancies. We’re a non-profit community organization that depends on engagement from the community and dedicated volunteers.

Meeting attendees can observe, ask questions, and give feedback, which helps improve our community and the FNC.

Board members help monitor local construction, zoning and environmental impacts, promote and monitor transportation and traffic issues, encourage stewardship and development of open space and public art, and work with residents in Fremont on safety and efficiency as transit impacts bus, bicycle, pedestrian and driving routes. Contact us if you’re interested in joining the board.

The Fremont Neighorhood Council meets the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 pm. Meetings are held quarterly in person at the Doric Lodge (619 N. 36th Street) and virtually monthly, unless noted differently in the agenda.

Questions? Send us an email at or just come to a meeting.