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Snapshot of the collection by Vivan Li

The 2023 SDOT Bridge Artists in Residence, Mariah Vicary and Vivian Li, will have an exhibition opening at ARTS at King Street Station – Arts | on Thursday, February 1st. From the website: “The 2023 residency program focused on digital data visualization, with artists taking historic and modern data about the bridges and surrounding environment to create artworks that that creatively display interpretations of these various data sets.”

Vivian gave a wonderful presentation of her work in progress at the November 2023 meeting of the Fremont Neighborhood Council. She collected data and graphs from sources such as the bike counter, bridge logs, weather, salmon counts, historical records, and from interviewing people on the bridge. Her residency involved working in the Rapunzel tower. You can see more of Vivian’s bridge project at Vivian Li ( and Mariah’s work at – Seattle Department Of Transportation’s University Bridge Residency 2023 Mariah Vicary.