Fremont Arts Council’s April News:

 May Day Celebration and Potluck – Wednesday, May 1, 5-8:30 pm

It’s almost the first of May. Time to put on our whites, pick a few flowers for our hair, dance around the Maypole, and share a picnic supper at Woodland Park.   Dance, sing, and bring spring in with love in your heart. Bring a dish to share, drink and good spirits. All are welcome  Details …

Welcome new Board Members: Congratulations and welcome! to our new board members:  Marie-Pierre Blanc, Dayna Ducey and Lymarie Perez.  They are joining forces with these returning board members:   Farley Harding, Brigette LaGarde, Linda Greenway, Maque DaVis and Dr. Owl.  A big round of thanks to outgoing board members Ennie Brosius, Sarah Lovett and Darcy Gabrielle.  Heartfelt appreciation to all for your generous gift of service to our community.

 Parade Call for Art Workshop Teachers

May Day Celebration and Potluck – Wednesday, May 1, 5-8:30 pm Fremont Solstice Parade — Saturday, June 22, 2019

 Are you interested in sharing your artistic talents in the form of a parade art workshop in the weeks leading up to the Parade?  We would love to hear from you!  Let us know at []  McKay Grants Available for Parade Artists

Design and creation funds are available for art projects in the Fremont Solstice Parade, which transform the street into theater with social commentary and the unexpected.  McKay Artist Grants fund proposals from artists for the development of parade ensembles, art installations and other crazy ideas that elevate the artistic quality of the event. 

Be in the Parade! Will you be in the parade?  Plans are percolating.   Tell us about your parade ensemble ideas!

Parade Call for Sponsors – Support the Parade!  Be a Solstice hero! Become an individual donor, member or a sponsor, and be a part of bringing the wild and wonderful  Fremont Solstice Parade to the streets. 

 Call for Photos Do you have fabulous, professional quality photos of Luminata, Trolloween, Feast or other FAC events that you would like to share with us?  Perhaps they will show up on our website or social media sometime soon.  Share a link with us at

 All Are Welcome Here  We  affirm our commitment to providing a safe and welcoming atmosphere for people of all races and backgrounds to create art and celebrations. There is no place for racism, sexism or sexual harassment at our events or in in our community.  In support of this, the Fremont Arts Council affirms our Commitment to Racial Equity and Inclusion.

Get Involved!  Volunteers are Needed!  Have you been hankering to get more involved with FAC? We need you and your talents! Let us know who you are and what you’re interested in, and we promise to find a fun way to scratch that creative itch. Volunteer …

 Committee of the Whole (COW) Meeting –  Tuesday, April 9, 7-8:30 pm

This month: Parade planning!  May Day!   Please join us at our monthly COW meeting. This is where we come together as a community and dream up what’s next. Share ideas and one minute announcements of interest to our community. Meet and Greet and Eat snacks. Find out what the FAC is up to and how you can get involved.  Hear from and get involved with FAC leadership teams.  Meet at the Powerhouse, 3940 Fremont Ave. N., Seattle at 7 pm.

Join the “FAC List” our Inner Circle Collaboration Group  The “FAC List” is a moderated discussion group for our inner circle of friends that want to stay in touch, learn about our current happenings, participate in event planning, share community art postings of interest, and help the FAC thrive. To join: visit faclist and click “apply for membership”.  Or, if you don’t have a Google account: Subscribe to our Mailing List – and check the “get more involved” option for  “FAC List – Subscribe Me”.

 Support Community Art! Want to keep the Fremont Arts Council in glitter and goo-gahs? We could not create our events and community art workshops without the support of our community. Donate or become a member …

 Call for Powerhouse Volunteers Join the Pow! Crew.  We are putting together a team of folks that will collaborate for the care and feeding of our beloved powerhouse art studio in a myriad of roles – cleaning, organizing, fluffing, fixing, hosting, and more.   Might you be Interested?  Volunteer .

 Join a Leadership Team Are you interested in using your time and skills to support community celebration art and events throughout the year?  This is your chance to meet a parade of new friends and grow in your knowledge about celebration art.  It is a wonderful way to support the Fremont Solstice Parade and to help make community art happen and thrive. Leadership teams gather at our monthly COW meeting on the second Tuesday each month, 7pm at the Powerhouse.  Details .

 Events Team:  This team plans and make possible these community celebration events, workshops, and more!

 Outreach Team: This team plans and secures funding to sustain the FAC and its programs. We also organize the outreach so we can shout from the rooftops about the FAC’s artful celebrations.

About the Fremont Arts Upcoming Events  The Fremont Arts Council engages community to cultivate the spirit of celebration where everyone is an artist!

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