At the FNC Annual General Meeting, Monday, April 22, at Doric Lodge, meet and greet candidates for Districts 4 and 6 on Seattle City Council
Refreshments and a straw poll–vote for your favorites–FNC members get 10 votes, non-members get 2, and you can join the night of the event.

Candidates confirmed include:

Name District
Sasha Anderson 4
Ethan Hunter 4
Alex Pedersen 4
Joshua Newman 4
Abel Pacheco 4
Cathy Tuttle 4
Shaun Scott 4
Heidi Stuber 4

Jeremy Cook 6
Daniel Jay Fathi 6
Sergio Garcia 6
Melissa Hall 6
Jon Lisbin 6
Kate Martin 6
Joey Massa 6
John Peeples 6
Terry Rice 6
Dan Strauss 6
Heidi Wills 6

Event will include a very short business meeting to elect FNC officers for 2019-20. Fremont residents: join now to vote on new officers.
The main ‘agenda item’ will be meet and greet, “Beverages & Ballots,” to provide an opportunity for Fremont residents (and anyone else who is interested) to meet with City Council candidates for District 4 and District 6. No speechifying, just mingle and meet, enjoy some refreshments on FNC.