Jeanne Muir of Urban Relations, Inc. sent this about upcoming drilling near the Ship Canal–details including map attached 2016-02-03-ShipCanal-Geotechnotice_February_final.  The whole project is described here.

…I wanted to let you know of upcoming geotechnical drilling near Fremont. It is the first of about 10 locations along the path of this project between Ballard and Wallingford, several of which are in or near Fremont. The purpose is to verify soils types, up to 170-feet below the surface, so that the tunnel designers know what to prepare for. We will also let you know of further locations in advance of activity.

This particular geotech drilling will be in the street along 36th NW, right next to the current Fremont Siphon drilling location, as you will see from the attached copy with map, and will take place at two locations, one during the week of Feb 15 and the other during the week of February 22nd. These time frames are general, since it may take less time than allowed at each location.

The business and residential neighbors nearby have received a flyer and contact information, and we have been in touch with the owners of both adjacent properties (King County and the owner of the Fleur de Lis lot).

I … will stay in touch on further locations with dates, times and impacts. In particular,…this is going to be a long-term construction site once we start construction in earnest, and will affect the start of the [Fremont] parade. I … wanted you to be aware of the long-term impact. … Thanks in advance. …

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