Fremont Library in Fremont, Seattle

“Did you ever wonder how the Fremont Bridge came to be painted blue and orange? See the pictures and read the story.” From Fremont Library

The Fremont Branch Library wants you to know that they have “a display in May of events in the history of the Fremont neighborhood.  Drop in to see photographs*, maps, and information about the Goddard family who lived in Fremont and owned the Pacific Iron Works at the northwest corner of Lake Union.  When the Klondike Gold Rush occurred in 1897, Albert and Clara Goddard ordered steamboat kits to take to the Yukon.  They recruited a crew from Fremont and headed north.  They assembled the A.J. Goddard steamboat and provided transportation to those seeking gold. Clara Goddard had learned to be a steamboat pilot in Lake Union and became the first woman to pilot a steamboat down the Yukon River.

There will also be photographs of the B. F. Day School and the history of its construction. B. F. Day celebrates its 130th Anniversary this year! Also on display will be an enlarged photograph of the first day that the steam shovels started their engines to dig the Ship Canal, June 1, 1911.

*Photographs from the Fremont Historical Society

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