Sound Transit and SDOT are studying both a light rail line and a streetcar line to Ballard, and 8 different configurations are included so far. Five of the options being studied go through Fremont. If you care where our next transit investments in this part of Seattle will be made, now is the time to weigh in, before most of the 8 options are eliminated, to narrow down to the best, most affordable ones. Take a look at the study documents below and then come to the next FNC meeting August 26 where Sound Transit and SDOT representatives will give a presentation and answer questions about the study.

A lot of information is available on line. Here are some links to the study documents. The study information presented at a June 27 open house is located at:

There are two documents which are both on the right of the page and are both labeled as having been part of the June 27 open house. There’s more discussion about the alignments on the Seattle Transit Blog, the articles on the study are located at: