Two houses built in 1911 to be replaced by townhouses soon

Development, design and the Wake for Affordable Housing:

Linden Avenue N: The hearing on Linden appeal has been continued to Monday, March 16, 40th Floor Municipal Tower. More content later. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates too.

743 N 35th St (next to Fremont Library), Project #3016369 Design Review Board Meeting Monday, March 2nd,  6:30pm at Ballard Community Center, 6020 28th Avenue NW Project Description: Council Land Use Action to Contract Rezone 9,314 sq. ft. of land from NC 3-40′ to NC 3-65′ and to allow a five-story structure containing 56 residential units above 1,881 sq. ft. of retail in an environmentally critical area. Parking for 10 vehicles to be provided below grade. Existing structure to demolished. CF #314115. More info here–includes a link to maps and details.  [This project is east of the Fremont Library and just west of the smaller office building on the corner of N 35th and Troll Ave.]

Fremont Siphon Project Public Meeting, Monday, March 2nd, 6-8pm at the Fremont Library More info here. [Project is on Leary just as it enters Fremont’s west end from Frelard, at the west end of Canal Park.]

• Get the latest on the project schedule and work hours.
• Learn more about construction impacts, such as project site boundaries and detours to cars, bikes and trail users
• See how the facility will fit in the neighborhood as it provides safe, reliable sewer service

Fremont Universe has information about the proposed new building at N 34th and Troll Ave. here: For those who love History House and Cafe Turko, FNC has been told they will be in new spaces somewhere in Fremont.

More houses going away in Fremont–see photo above–at 4467 and 4471 Whitman Ave N., to be replaced by 8 townhouses fronting on N 45th.  Both were built in 1911 according to property records. Green Canopy, developer, will provide 6 parking spaces though none are required, and has met with neighbors about the planned construction.

Parklets:  Here’s more about Seattle’s moving from a pilot program to a full rollout of Parklets and Streateries.  These privately funded public spaces will be permitted on a yearly basis by the city; Department of Neighborhoods grants can be used as part of the funding.  They are temporary additions, not permanently attached to the street or the curb. One quite local example is the parklet outside Molly Moon on N 45th in Wallingford. Applications are now being accepted. More here:

 Crosswalks: On Feb. 23, City Traffic Engineer Dhongho Chang updated FNC on the crosswalk project at N 43rd and Fremont Avenue North. Construction is scheduled to start April 25 and will take about a week.  He supplied the drawing for the project, attached here.SDOT re 43rd & Fremont N crosswalk 2-23-15