Deadline Wednesday for comments on “undersized lot” issue in Single Family zones. More information here on Richard Conlin’s web site and, for the entire DPD memo here.
FNC’s Land Use

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Chair Toby Thaler is looking for thoughts on this proposal. Thaler writes, “Please send any comments to and DPD: and by Wednesday, April 3. After this stage, DPD will prepare a more detailed set of recommendations to take through environmental review, and will then submit legislation to the Council. The Council will receive comments and hold a formal public hearing. Our goal is to complete work on the permanent legislation before September. My initial thought is to suggest that while a good first draft, the proposal needs to be tighter (fewer loopholes–I’m concerned about steady erosion of lot size in SF without any process for considering impacts). I have read the DPD March 7 memo (and Richard’s web page), and also looked at that is the argument for much tighter rules. And there is an article at