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Your Fremont Neighborhood Council is here to help you make Fremont even more vibrant and quirky than it is today. We meet with public officials and city staff on issues you tell us are important to your life in Fremont.

N 40th Stairway after 2022 cleanup — Ann Gardner artist. Next step: add plantings

We partner with other community organizations– the P-Patches, Friends of Troll’s Knoll, the Fremont Chamber of Commerce, and more– for real, on-the-ground improvements, such as maintenance of the murals at N 46th and Bridge Way, repair and replacement of art installations such as the 40th Street Stairway, and so much more. Very recently we met with city staff about the current renovations at the BF Day play field, asking for protection for exceptional trees at the site and seeking to learn more about what is planned. Not only did they hear from us at the site, but they paused construction to address our concerns, and then presented their new plan at our FNC meeting this past Monday, Jan. 24.

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