• Route 44 Construction:
Hello neighbors,   

Crews are working this Saturday, September 24, at N 46th St and Whitman Ave N. They will be continuing to install concrete road panels at the intersection. This work is expected to wrap up in the next week. Weekend work may continue at other locations in the coming weeks.   Crews installing road panels at the intersection of N 46th St and Whitman Ave N.   N 46th & Linden Ave N

This week, crews closed Linden Ave N at N 46th St to demolish and construct road panels and sidewalks on N 46th St, and to install electrical conduit. This work is expected to take approximately two weeks. After that, crews will shift to reconstructing sidewalks on the north side of N 46th St between Linden Ave N and Fremont Ave N. Pedestrian detours are in place for this work.

N 46th & Fremont Ave N  

Crews continue work on the south side N 46th St between Fremont Ave N and Linden Ave N. Work includes sidewalk and curb ramp demolition and is expected to wrap up in a few weeks. During this work you can expect lane closures adjacent to the work area and pedestrian detours.

Sidewalk Work on NW Market St                   

Crews continue curb ramp and sidewalk work on NW Market St.                

We anticipate work in these areas to take 2 months to complete. Travel through these areas will be impacted during construction. Please follow posted signs and markings and plan for delays.         

In addition to traffic impacts, bus routes along the corridor may experience:          Temporary stop closures and relocations          To stay up to date on this project, please sign up for our email list, and check the project website. Please also share this information with your family, friends, or neighbors that may be interested, and encourage them to sign up for our email list. We will be sending weekly updates to keep you informed throughout the duration of the project.     Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.   Thanks, Darrell Bulmer
Community Outreach Lead
Route44@seattle.gov   For updates on construction work that’s improving the safety and reliability of Metro’s Route 44 bus in your language, please call (206) 775-8742

` Green Lake Outer Loop

2. Green Lake Outer Loop  
You’re receiving this email because you’ve expressed interest in receiving Green Lake Outer Loop project updates.     Soon, the community will have an entire loop along the outer edge of Green Lake, providing more travel options for people and creating better connections to surrounding neighborhoods.   Construction starts in late September!
We are excited to share construction for Green Lake Outer Loop is scheduled to start as soon as late September 2022 and expect it to be completed by December 2022!

We appreciate hearing from the over 4,800 of you through our open houses, community meetings, and events, our survey, and sending us feedback. Please continue reading to see how we used your input.   Check out what we are building!
We coordinated with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), Seattle Parks and Recreation, and the community on this project. Below are highlights of how doing so improved the design. You can view all the updates here.

See how your feedback was used in the final design: Updated design at the N 63rd St merge onto Aurora Ave N: We have updated the design to maximize the sight lines southward down Aurora Ave N by moving the stop sign farther north, maintaining more space to turn, and are working on a speed limit reduction to 30 MPH on Aurora Ave from Whitman to Winona in coordination with WSDOT. Increased pedestrian access and traffic calming in the Winona Triangle neighborhood: We are proposing parking restrictions with signs and markings, which help keep crossings and ramps open for pedestrian access, more bike markings to connect across Winona with upgraded ramps, and a double flashing beacon. Other updates throughout the project area include: Adjustments to driveway posts and markings to ensure neighbor access. Adjusted sign placement and increased wayfinding signs to help vehicles access the park using the arterial streets. Adjusting parking lane widths to maximize space where feasible. Reconfiguration of intersection at Winona/77th/West Green Lake Drive N to better delineate bicycle, pedestrian, and vehicle movements. Clearer connections to existing bike lanes at either end of the project area. Additional pedestrian crossing on Winona Ave N: We are also currently working on incorporating an additional crossing as part of the construction. However, depending on material availability, it is likely to be phased and completed in 2023. To be consistent with ADA accessibility standards, the Green Lake Outer Loop is designed as a bike facility and will be marked with our standard bike facility signs and markings. The Green Lake Outer Loop will be considered a pathway that bikes, scooters, roller blades, and other modes of active transportation will be allowed to use.   What do expect during construction:
Travelers can expect typical construction activities in the area such as: Temporary lane and street closures for people driving Temporary sidewalk and crossing closures and detours for people walking and rolling Temporary bus stop relocations Disruptions to on-street parking Noise, dust, and vibrations during work hours Construction staging and parking impacts near the work sites Changes in construction schedule due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e., weather, soil conditions, etc.) Temporary detour routes for people driving, walking, running, and biking     We want to keep you up to date
Check out our project webpage for continued updates and to sign up to join community engagement opportunities: www.seattle.gov/transportation/greenlakeouterloop
To stay informed, sign up for our listserv. Feel free to share this information widely with your neighbors and encourage them to sign up for the listserv. 

Thank you, 
Jules Posadas
Green Lake Outer Loop
(206) 900-8760
If you need this information translated, please call (206) 900-8760.