Paul Dorpat’s Now and Then column in the Seattle Times’ Pacific Northwest Magazine on Sunday, September 15, will feature a 1908 postcard with a panoramic photo taken from Fremont Hill looking across Lake Union to Capitol Hill.  What was written on the postcard is equally as interesting as the photo.  The writer sent the postcard to his cousin in San Francisco to let him know that he had arrived in Seattle.  He reported that it was a great city and that opportunities for a young man were plentiful.  He had found a job and was going to start on Monday.  Except that opportunities for men and women are now plentiful, the card could have been written today. Unfortunately, the writer does not say what the job was and where he would be working.  Maybe it was the Bryant Lumber Mill in Fremont or some other location.  Today, new employees at Google, Tableau, or Adobe could be letting their relatives know about opportunities in Seattle.

Beginning on September 15, the column and photos will be posted at  Or, you can go to Paul Dorpat’s website,, for this column and related past columns.

By Judie Clarridge, FNC Board member.