The Stranger’s article links to maps and project lists, so we are quoting it here. One early observation–no service to Fremont (or Wallingford) in this round. But so much else is included, your close look is invited; remember, too, that this plan links up with existing bus service and Rapid Rides current and planned.


The Sound Transit Board today unveiled a visionary $50 billion light rail package Puget Sound voters will be asked to approve this fall. The package, while imperfect, would extend light rail in the region to 108 total miles, comparable (at least in length) to San Francisco’s BART.

The Sound Transit 3 (ST3) plan “delivers on the promise of a truly regional mass transit system for generations to come,” King County Executive and Sound Transit Board Chair Dow Constantine said today. “It is an ambitious plan for an ambitious region.”

The Sound Transit Board reviewed the plan at its meeting today, but detailed documents about the proposal won’t be online until next week. Here is the map and here is the project list they handed out today

Below are some of the basics about the plan and the projects included in it. I’ll be updating this post with more specifics and reaction throughout the afternoon.

Thanks to The Stranger