This just in from Seattle’s Department of Planning and Development–comments may be made to Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien <> :

DPD has published the Mayor’s recommended 2014 – 2015 amendments to the City’s Comprehensive Plan (Plan) on our Seattle Comprehensive Plan website. The Plan is a policy document guiding City actions for managing 20 years of expected growth. This year’s amendments include the results of the state-mandated review and update of the Plan. The State Growth Management Act requires these amendments to be adopted by June 30, 2015. Other recommendations address discretionary amendments, proposed by Seattle residents and City departments.

Periodic Update Amendments
These amendments update Plan data about Seattle’s demographics, transportation and utility infrastructure, and capital facilities. We revised 20 year growth targets and Seattle’s distribution of that growth to the designated urban centers, from the Plan that was adopted in 2004. Our amendments include other state requirements relating to environmentally critical areas and low impact development policies.

Discretionary Amendments
This year’s discretionary amendments include modifications to several neighborhood plans (Central Area, Downtown, Morgan Junction and Lake City). Our discretionary amendments also edit housing-related policies for clarity, and expand the tools available to the Mayor and City Council to address housing affordability.

More Information 
For further information, please see the Director’s Report.