FNC reported Fremont public safety concerns at the Safe Communities meeting at North Seattle Community College October 10. this evening. Here’s the list:


  • break-ins and burglaries, including when residents are present
  • traffic speeds and pedestrian safety, including bad paving and narrow sidewalks
  • spill-over from the bars onto private property, though diminished from past problems
  • encampments at the green spaces at N 46th and Bridge Way and behind the Troll
  • tagging
  • beggars and panhandlers


Police Chief Diaz said: 1) SPD is putting out violence emphasis teams because of recent troubling criminal activity in the north end; 2) public safety is not just about cops but about the work of other agencies at the meeting like SDOT, Department of Neighborhoods, Human Services, Lighting; 3) SPD has three main goals–stop crime, stop fear of crime, and build community.

FNC also reported that things on Aurora had improved and praised the work of the police and the city attorney’s office in helping that happen. Tim Burgess helped immensely too, in shepherding into law the ordinance that allows for shutting down properties where criminal activity is rampant. At our table, lists from other neighborhoods were similar. The Roosevelt business district representatives reported lots of overnight break-ins on commercial property and a lot of check fraud at their businesses. A lot of concern was voiced over aggressive panhandling and feelings of lack

of safety on the streets in the U District and downtown.


A follow-up summit will be held March 9, 2013 from 8 am – noon, to narrow down the list we generated at tonight’s meeting. About 80-100 people were there in toto, from the entire North Precinct, with lots of staff from SPD, the Mayor’s office, and other agencies. Linda Clifton from FNC was volunteered to be alternate to the summit. Martin Roth from the Roosevelt group is the delegate.