Why is City slow to respond to Find It Fix It?

On 39th and Linden, neighbors became irritated by dumping that they got creative, and finally their local street couch and love seat, Couchy and Luvey, made the news. KING5 reports that the city’s new app, Find It, Fix It, has increased reporting–a good thing–and thus increased response time to handle all the work.

http://www.king5.com/…/dumped-furniture-an-ugly-…/77781924/… Dumped furniture an ugly problem in Fremont Dumped furniture is piling up in a Seattle neighborhood and homeowners are wondering why it’s taking so long for the city to clean it up. KING5.com

And this comment on Facebook: “It particularly distresses me when people leave perfectly good furniture out on the sidewalk and it’s ruined in 24 hours by rain, at which point somebody has to take it to the dump. Hello, people, don’t you know if you have *good* furniture, you can call St Vincent de Paul and they’ll come pick it up, for free? http://svdpseattle.org/donation-drop-off-locations/ “ Goodwill and other donation agencies will probably do the same.

Our changing neighborhood now houses even more coffee and cats

New in East Fremont https://seattlemeowtropolitan.com/

Working together, Fremont can discourage car and package thefts

Nextdoor is becoming a local hub for information sharing (lost dogs, free plants, etc.) including recent numerous posts about package thefts and tips from Seattle Police Department (which can only read comments on their own posts and not all postings to the full site). In this holiday season, package thefts are increasing dramatically. Tips shared on the site:

  • “A good reminder to keep porch lights on and to be extra aware. And be sure to report all theft and suspicious activity.”
  • “When shopping Amazon, one option to consider is Amazon Locker. You add a nearby official location (usually a convenience store) to your shipping address book and Amazon will ship it there instead of your house. http://www.amazon.com/locker
  • “Call 911…reporting may not bring police out but is very important in drawing police attention to a cluster of thefts. Say, “This is not an emergency but I want to report…” Have date, time, place, any relevant details. Photos very helpful. Find out if you have or can join/ organize a block watch. “

What is Nextdoor? http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/04/technology/nextdoor-a-start-up-social-network-digs-deep-into-neighborhoods.html?_r=0

Nextdoor has slowly built a network of more than 53,000 microcommunities across the United States, all based on local neighborhood boundaries. Nextdoor restricts communication to only those people who live close to one another; users are required to verify their identity and home address upon signing up.” Fremont has six of these microcommunities.

Consider Nextdoor a modern, more attractive version of a community email list service or Yahoo Groups, the popular message board. Users can post neighborhood news, offer items for sale, ask for help finding lost pets or organize a block party.

Nextdoor also works with about 650 local government agencies that can send out citywide alerts on things like utility shutdowns in specific areas, crime alerts or emergency-preparedness tips. New York Times