Fremont will soon see a new Assistant City Attorney, Jana Jorgensen, who assigned to the North Precinct starting in February. We haven’t had this kind of help since the former Assistant City Attorney, Ed McKenna, now a judge, stepped down and the program’s federal funding ended. The Seattle Times has a full article about the development here.

Fremont may soon see a new building where the remnant of the old Fremont Inn/ Thunderbird now stands.  Three members of the Fremont Neighborhood Council attended tonight’s Early Design Guidance meeting. A neighbor in the audience raised concerns about privacy for the neighbors.

One FNC member asked about minimizing the impact of  waste pick-up for the building and praised the design for allowing for eventual commercial use of the ground floor space so that the building accommodates more flexibility over its life. Another reminded the Design Review Board that, even though the blocks bordering the building site toward the west are not zoned for single family, they are residential, not commercial, and residents need protection from exposure from the new building’s windows and roof garden.

These concerns were reflected in the Review Board’s discussion following the comment period.

Notice of the meeting and information for obtaining further information as the process continues  are here.