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Minutes – August 2012

Fremont Neighborhood Council Meeting – August 27, 2012

Board members present: Matt Gasparich, Norma Jones, Elfreide Noble, Erik Pihl, Toby Thaler, Shawn Mulanix, Linda Clifton, Judie Clarridge.

Matt opened the meeting and invited those in attendance to introduce themselves: Paige Heggie, a Fremont resident, who works for Solterra Systems spoke about an initiative to “Solarize Seattle” by utilizing solar modules on roofs.

• Kirby Lindsay gave an update on communication with Patrick Gabriel, the artist who created the Bridge Way mural. There is discussion about Patrick working with someone locally to return the mural to its original design, i.e. with black lines around the figures. Also, the application of an anti-graffiti coating when the re-painting is completed, and the possibility of grant(s) to cover the cost. Jenny Frankl is also working on this issue.
• Kirby asked that a link to Fremocentrist be included under “Community” on the FNC’s website. The Council approved the request.
• Jessica Vets announced that Oktoberfest will be held September 21 – 23. Jessica asked to be notified if anyone hears that residents are having any problems during the event so the problems can be resolved.

Minutes: Norma moved that the July minutes be approved. The motion was seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Shawn presented the following. He plans to move the Union Bank CD, which has matured, to BECU.

BECU checking: $ 3,523.39 Commitments: $5,000.00 B.F. Day Playground
BECU money market: 25,016.30 1,249.00 46th Street Mural
BECU saving: 5.00 500.00 Hazel Hghts P Patch
CD at Union Bank: 36,257.57
Paypal: 446.11

TOTAL $65,248.37

Old Business:

• ADMINISTRATIVE ISSUES: Norma reported that the key given to Stephanie for the FNC mail box did not work. Matt will contact Stephanie to get the issue resolved. Matt said that he has not yet ordered the sandwich board.
• ERNST PARK ADDITION: Matt has continued to communicate with the City regarding the FNC’s grant request to develop the addition. Sally Clark is the chair of the Parks Committee. Matt has been talking with Sally’s legislative assistant who shared that this issue has come up elsewhere: neighborhoods where property has been purchased for park development but is left in its current condition because there is no money to develop or maintain it. The issue will be raised at a Parks Committee meeting. Toby suggested that when the issue is on the agenda, the FNC should send a representative to the meeting. We should find out which other neighborhoods are impacted and notify them of the meeting.
• HAZEL HEIGHTS: Toby reported that work continues on the mosaic tile project. Photos have been posted at They have applied for a $1,000 grant for the purchase and installation of the tiles, and hope for the installation to be completed this fall.
• KING COUNTY’S FREMONT SIPHON REPLACEMENT PROJECT: Earlier this month, Toby submitted comments in response to the SEPA Determination of Nonsignificance on this project. He expressed concerns about the impact that construction will have on the heavily-used Canal Park and Burke-Gilman Trail. Also noted was: (1) the area includes a gathering spot for drumming and an informal fire circle, which was removed in the past, (2) the Ship Canal is used for Tribal fishing, and (3) there are several bus routes along the boundary of the site.

New Business:


• September: Matt noted that transportation issues have been raised often at recent meetings, i.e. congestion along westbound N. 46th, east of the Aurora underpass where a bus lane and through traffic converge; and significant delays in southbound traffic on Aurora as a result of the designation of the right lane for busses only, and further impeded by construction near Denny Way. Matt suggested that the September meeting focus on transportation with an invitation to SDOT to attend. There was discussion about inviting SDOT Director, Peter Hahn; also about giving Jenny Frankl questions in advance so that the speaker will know what the major issues are. Other transportation issues: back-up on the exits from Aurora, pedestrian safety on N. 36th and N. 38th. Suggestion that Metro be invited to the meeting because some problems are the result of trying to accommodate bus service. After discussion, it was suggested that Greenways issues be addressed at a separate meeting.

• October: There was discussion about holding a forum on candidates and issues: Frank Chopp and Kshama Sawant, candidates for the 43rd Legislation District, Position 2; pro/con speakers on Referendum 74 (marriage); and pro/con speakers on Initiative 502 (marijuana). Toby will contact the Chopp and Sawant campaigns. Judie will check with Dic Selin regarding pro/con contacts on R-74. Matt will ask Stephanie about pro/con contacts on I-502.

• CONCERNS ABOUT PARKING: Kevin Beder raised concerns about illegal parking, unsafe sidewalks, etc. east of Aurora. Board members provided suggestions on getting these problems addressed and contact information for the appropriate City offices.

Committee Reports:


• Stone34 Project: Toby reported that the project was passed out of the Land Use Committee and then approved unanimously by the City Council on July 30th. The concerns that Wallingford residents raised centered on the process that was followed regarding this project; and the height, bulk, and scale of the building. There has been discussion about ways to improve the process. The Wallingford Community Council is deciding whether to appeal the Council’s decision to the State Supreme Court.


• Suggestion that we invite a representative from the Parks Department to attend the November meeting.

Board Membership:

Erik Pihl introduced Amanda Boyle, a Fremont resident, who has attended 3 FNC meetings and is interested in becoming a Board member. Amanda said that she is interested in community development, parks, p-patches, and increasing FNC membership.

MOTION: Erik moved that Amanda be accepted onto the Board. Shawn seconded. The motion was passed.

The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be September 24, 2012.

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