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Meeting Minutes – October 2013

Fremont Neighborhood Council Meeting – October 28, 2013


Board members present:  Stephanie Pure, Toby Thaler, Kevin McClain, Erik Pihl, Linda Clifton, Judie Clarridge.

Stephanie opened the meeting and invited everyone to introduce themselves and share any announcements:

  • There will be a Fremont Siphon Replacement Project Community Meeting on November 20 from 6 to 7:30 pm at the Fremont Abbey.  Stephanie is invitingKingCountystaff to attend the November FNC meeting to discuss the project.
  • Karen Ko, Department of Neighborhoods said that you can apply for Neighborhood Parks and Street Fund grants online.  Also, Rob Mattson, Area Coordinator for Ballard, is retiring after 42 years of service.  Stephanie talked about the need for an annual calendar of deadlines for City grant applications, etc. Karen said that she would talk with her peers about developing one.
  • Kirby Lindsay announced that Fire Station No. 9 will hold an Open House on November 2nd from 11 to 1 pm.  Also, 118 businesses will participate in Trick-or-Treat inFremont from 3 to 6 pm on Halloween.
  • Kevin said that Metro will announce its plans for future service reductions on November 7th.  Comments may have little impact because the cuts are forced by a lack of funding.  Routes which have low ridership are impacted.  There was discussion about possible funding sources:  the state government (could raise concerns at Lobby Day inOlympia), the county increasing motor vehicle excise tax, etc.
  • Toby said that the Neighborhood Plan(ning) Workshop will be Monday, November 18, at 7 pm atFremontBaptistChurch.
  • Peter Toms, Fremont Arts Council, announced that Trolloween will begin with a pageant at 7 pm at the Troll followed by the march throughFremont.
  • Linda said a new contract has been signed for maintenance of the 46th Street Mural.  A copy of the contract and an invoice for payment has been submitted to the FNC [and payment was received].

Fremont Arts Council – Peter Toms, President of the Board

Peter spoke about the FAC’s history: There was activity by the arts community in the 1970s / early 1980s but the organization became more established with the first Solstice Parade in 1988.  The Solstice Parade is their major event but they also organize Trolloween, Winter Feast, and May Day.  They maintain the Troll (which turns 23 on Halloween).  The Fremont Chamber provided a grant for the construction of a donation box at the Troll.  Approximately $100 a week is donated and is used to maintain the Troll, i.e. remove graffiti, etc. They rent the Powerhouse on Fremont Avenuefrom the SeattleSchool District.  They are hoping to get a grant to construct a 2nd floor that would include housing for visiting artists, FAC office space, etc.  The Powerhouse is used for art projects year round by FAC members.

Peter discussed the Solstice Parade.  They work with the Painted Cyclists; about 1,000 participated this year.  They work well with Bold Hat Productions which manages the Fremont Fair.  Bold Hat donates money to the FAC.  Peter met recently with Stephanie and Jessica Vets, Fremont Chamber.  They plan to meet more often.   The FAC holds meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7 pm at the Powerhouse,3940 Fremont Ave.  Peter said that the Residential Parking Zone on the west side ofFremont Ave makes parking difficult for people attending the monthly FAC meetings.  There was discussion about theFire Circle that was located close toFremontCanalPark.  Peter said that the Parks Department wanted a steel structure to be built for the fire and also wanted the site to be monitored.  Ultimately, the Parks Department removed theFire Circle.

Fremont Martin Luther King Day of Service 2014:  Ralph and Sarah Weathers spoke about the 2013 Fremont MLK Day event which drew over 200 people.  The 2014 event will include assembling disaster hygiene kits, providing information on emergency preparedness, and sharing information about volunteer opportunities inFremont.  They received a $500 grant from the Chamber and requested a $500 grant from the FNC.  They were asked to present a written request for consideration at the November meeting.


Catholic Community Services:  Dan Wise provided an update on construction of Patrick Place Apartments, a 71-unit supportive housing project at4251 Aurora Avenue.   They believe that construction will be complete and tenants moved in by the end of December.  Other social service agencies:AuroraCommons, St. Vincent de Paul, veterans’ organizations, etc. refer potential tenants to them and assist people in completing applications.  Criminal and credit checks are required.  A mural and mosaics are being installed in the building.  A program manager has been hired and will come to upcoming FNC meetings.  Tenants will be provided with a bed, table, and chair.  Donations of other items (bed linen, towels, pillow) are being accepted.

AuroraBridge:  Washington State Department of Transportation plans to begin painting theAuroraBridge(stage 1) in 2015.  This stage will include the light standards, handrail, and floor beams.  The later stage will include the trusses under the bridge. Because the bridge is on the National Register of Historic Places, the state will coordinate colors, etc. with the Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board.

FallMembership Drive:  Dave Scudder shared a design that he created that could be used on brochures, postcards, door hangers, business cards, etc.  The board brainstormed how these could be used to publicize the work of the FNC and volunteer opportunities.

Committee Reports:

Land Use and Transportation Committee:  Toby and Linda reported on the latest Design Review Board meeting on the 38th andStone Way building.  The design of the building has been improved.  The commercial space on the ground floor is larger.  The design was approved.

Administration:  Charles Hadrann, Doric Lodge 92, discussed the continued use of space in the Lodge for monthly FNC board meetings.  The building use committee suggested a simple lease agreement of $30 to $35 per month for the FNC meeting space.  There was discussion that the space has worked well for the FNC.  It was determined that there were sufficient Board members present to take a vote.

MOTION:  Toby moved that a simple lease agreement be signed with the Doric Lodge for $360 per year.  Linda seconded.  The motion passed.

Lake Union District Council:   Ralph Weathers reported on the LUDC meeting held on October 7.  Audio presentation equipment and a microphone were purchased and can be used by all Fremontorganizations.  The LUDC submitted comments to the City’s Special Events Committee about keeping neighborhoods in the planning loop regarding events such as the Rock and Roll Marathon.  Complaints were received about noise and traffic.   Appreciation to Rob Mattson, retiring District Coordinator for the LUDC.  They discussed the site for the new SPD North Precinct Station, not ideal but the best of the options. Also, there was discussion about  the proposed Westlake Cycle Track: pros/cons for bicycles, pedestrians, impact on parking for businesses.  There is a public meeting tonight at B.F. Day on this issue.   Ralph attended the 25th Anniversary Celebration for the Department of Neighborhoods on October 25th and said that Chris Leman, LUDC representative to the City Neighborhood Council has become a mentor to him.  Next LUDC meeting will be November 4.

Treasurer’s Report:  Kevin presented the following report:


BECU checking                     $   2,396.59

Paypal                                            531.99

BECU Money Market               56,126.54

BECU Savings                                   5.00

Total:                                      $ 59,060.12

Committed Funds:

46th Street Mural                     $    566.39


Minutes:   A motion to approve the September minutes as presented was made, seconded and approved.

Meeting adjourned.  The next meeting will be Monday, November 25, 2013.

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