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Meeting Minutes – November 2012

Fremont Neighborhood Council Meeting – November 26, 2012


Board members present:  Matt Gasparich, Elfreide Noble, Toby Thaler, Shawn Mulanix, Erik Pihl, Linda Clifton, Norma Jones, Judie Clarridge.


Matt opened the meeting and invited everyone to introduce themselves and share announcements.



  • Ralph and Sarah Weathers, Doric Lodge 92, announced that the Lodge plans a Day of Service program on January 21st .  Activities include assembling kits of basic hygiene supplies for disaster victims, learning about volunteer opportunities inFremont, and listening to a talk by Franklin Donahoe, Commissioner, Washington State Commission on African American Affairs.  The Council offered the names of other community organizations that may want to be involved.  Linda will post this as an event on the FNC website and Facebook.
  • Bridge Way Mural:  Norma reported on communication she, Jenny Frankl, and Jessica Vets have had with Patrick Gabriel, the artist who created the mural.  The City Attorney has been working with them on a resolution that would meet Mr. Gabriel’s interest in having the mural refurbished.  It was hoped that Mr. Gabriel would agree to having a local artist do the refurbishment and that he would transfer the ownership of the mural to the Fremont Arts Council.   Unfortunately, talks with Mr. Gabriel have broken down.  On a positive note, the City Attorney has developed a template for other communities to use in clarifying ownership and responsibilities in situations where artists create public art.
  • Jessica Vets announced that there will be a Fremont-Wallingford Safety Meeting on January 29th at 9 am, Seattle Bank, west of Stone Way, just south of N. 45th.  These meetings will continue to be on the last Tuesday of the month.  Also, December 7th will be the Lighting of the Lenin statue, 5 pm to 6 pm.


Minutes:  A motion was made to approve the October minutes.  The motion was seconded and passed.


Treasurer’s Report: Shawn presented the following:


Checking:         $  3,006.68

Money Market:   61,025.63

Savings:                      5.00

Paypal:                    446.11


Committed funds:

46th Street Mural:    566.39

HazelHeights:        256.56


Old Business:


  • ELECTION FORUM WRAP-UP:  Toby did an excellent job as the moderator.  In retrospect, it would have been better to choose an election issue about which people had likely not yet decided, i.e. charter schools.  There was discussion about holding a forum on the upcoming initiative to organize the city council into district representation.   Jessica mentioned that the Chamber is planning a joint Candidate Forum with Wallingfordand the University District at the Picnic in the Park, the 3rd Wednesday in June at noon.
  • FNC MAIL:  Matt has not been able to talk to Stephanie about obtaining a key to the mailbox, etc.  Is she still available to pick up the mail?
  • FREMONTSIPHON REPLACEMENT PROJECT:  There was a public meeting on November 13 at the Fremont Abbey.  The Praxair building will be purchased and torn down.  There will be a design meeting on January 12th to request neighborhood input on landscaping, design of the small building that will be on the site, etc.



Transportation:  Matt sent thank you emails to Peter Hahn and Bill Bryant, SDOT; and Owen Kehoe, Metro, who spoke at the September meeting on transportation issues.  He has received no response to his correspondence to SDOT regarding FNC’s request for a crosswalk at 43rd and Fremont Avenue.  Jenny Frankl said she would follow up.  She also said that applying to the City’s Neighborhood Park and Street Fund may be another avenue to pursue.  The deadline for 2013 proposals is February 4th.


Toby said that the new #40 route is providing much needed service to west Fremont (downtown Seattle along 3rd, north on Westlake to Fremont, Leary Way to Ballard, north on 24th N.W., ultimately going to North Seattle Comm College and Northgate Transit Center).  He will draft text for Matt to send to Metro to thank them.


Membership:  There was discussion about the timeline for the annual membership drive:  Email to membership in mid-January, then follow up in late January with paper mailing to those who have not responded.  Norma volunteered to draft the membership material for 2013.  Erik suggested two email blasts then paper mail in early February.  Board members offered to do a mail work party, perhaps at the January meeting.  Membership information will be handed out at the MLK Day of Service event on January 21st.


Zoo Lights:  Matt said that Irene Wold is representing the Phinney Ridge residents well regarding impact of visitors parking in the neighborhood.


2013 Budget:  Matt suggested that the FNC identify funding annually forFremont needs.  Process would be proactive rather than reacting to requests.  There was discussion that in the past the FNC reported to Quadrant periodically on how their money (given as mitigation for their development) had been spent.  Jessica Vets offered to share the process that the Chamber uses for making grants.  Toby will send Quadrant reports to Jessica.


46th Street Mural:  Linda reported that the committee has renewed their contract with a local individual for maintaining the mural through 2013.  There were comments on how well the mural is being maintained.  There is sufficient money through 2014 for continued maintenance.


Land Use:  Erik reported that Urban Harbor, developer of the Woodlawn Park 170-unit apartment complex, has been responsive to resident concerns.  Suggested that they be invited to come to a meeting to provide an update.


Toby said that the City has placed temporary controls on the construction of “tall, skinny houses”.  Developers have taken advantage of a loophole which permitted an exception to lot size requirements when the current lot had historically been two lots.  The result has been the construction of homes that are out of character with neighboring residences.  Intent of interim controls is that new buildings will be proportionate to lot size.


LUDC:  Recent meeting included presentation by Leonard Garfield, director ofMuseum ofHistory and Industry, on MOHAI’s opening, in late December, at the new South Lake Union location.  There was also discussion that the City will determine in which zoning districts the sale of marijuana will be permitted.


Safety:  Linda reported that there was discussion about property crimes at the most recent safety meeting.  The police advised that people should feel free to call 911.  It is important to lock your doors.  They also stressed that residents should know their neighbors.  Forming a Block Watch is a good way to reduce crime.


Minutes:  A motion was made to approve the September minutes. Motion seconded and passed.


The meeting was adjourned.   No meeting in December. The next meeting will be January 28, 2013.

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