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Meeting Minutes – May 2015

Fremont Neighborhood Council Board Meeting – May 18, 2015


Board members present:  Stephanie Pure, Elfriede Noble, Matt Gasparich, Norma Jones, Viet Nguyen, Jim Engelhardt, Linda Clifton, Shawn Mulanix, Erik Pihl, Judie Clarridge.

Stephanie opened the meeting and invited everyone to introduce themselves and share any announcements:

  • Stephanie announced that the Neighborhood Expo will be Friday, May 22 from 4:30 – 7:30 pm at Fremont Studios.  Jim, Viet, and Judie will staff the FNC booth.
  • Comprehensive Plan Hearing is May 27, 6 – 8 pm, Seattle City Hall.
  • Fremont Fair:  June 19 – 21.  The parade will begin at 3 pm on Saturday the 20th.
  • Genevieve Vayda reported on a proposed construction project at 4106 Linden that is jeopardizing a monkey puzzle tree (it qualifies as an Exceptional Tree because it is more than 24” in diameter) and other species that form a grove.  Genevieve is working to stop the project.  The deadline for the comment period is 6/10.  She can be reached at 633-2009 for more information.
  • Leo Griffin reported that he had been contacted by KUOW News Radio regarding the Neighborhood Conservation District proposal.


Metro Transit Update – Jeremy Fichter, King County Metro

 Jeremy spoke on Metro’s upcoming changes to coordinate with Sound Transit’s opening of the Capitol Hill and UW stations in March 2016.  Metro is asking for feedback through May 31st.  They plan to send a final proposal to the King County Council late in the summer.

He briefed on Route 16 which will provide east-west service from Sand Point to Green Lake, then from Green Lake south on Meridian to N. 45th, then along Stone Way to the Fremont Bridge and downtown via Dexter Avenue.

Routes 26X and 28X will use Aurora Avenue rather than Dexter.  The 26X will go east on N. 40th, then north on Latona to the Green Lake area, then continue to the Northgate Transit Center.  The 28X will come from downtown, and go west on N. 39th to Leary Way, then north on 8th NW, ultimately reaching N. 145th.

More info:


–       What about increased service at South Lake Union?  Response was that this was not part of this project. Check City plans for increase in services in June (the result of passage of Proposition 1 in November 2014).

–       There were concerns raised about the impact of 500 units being built east of Aurora on transit.  Even with current ridership, there are many busses that pass by the Bridge Way stop because they are already full.  More frequent service is needed, particularly with the additional riders from the new apartment buildings.  The City allowed the buildings to be constructed without onsite parking based on an assumption that renters would not have cars because good transit service was available.


743 N. 35th Street Apartment Project (DPD # 3016369) – Bradley Khouri, b9 architects

B9 architects has met with the board and the land use committee during the development of the project.  They are requesting a contract rezone to allow for an additional floor in the building (parking garage, basement level with apartment units + 5 floors).  They have been working with the Fremont Library which is next door to the project.  They have agreed to add public art to the east and west exterior walls of the building, to increase bike stalls to at least one for each unit, and to include 5 two-bedroom units.  There will be 54 units and 10 car parking stalls.


MOTION:  Linda moved that the FNC support the request for a contract rezone.  Viet seconded.


There was discussion about requesting written assurance from the developer on those changes they have agreed to.  Norma said she would like to wait to vote until the board could see the written assurances.  Bradley agreed to provide the assurances in writing.  Stephanie said she supported the motion as it was presented and would like to go ahead with a vote.

The motion passed with one “no” vote.


Comprehensive Plan – Tom Hauger, Department of Planning and Development, City of Seattle

 Tom said that the current plan was written in 1994 and needs to be updated to address the forecast of 115,000 new jobs coming to Seattle by 2035 and the need for 70,000 additional housing units.  Information on the proposed plan is at:  There is an equity analysis on the site which looks at the impact of growth on marginalized (defined as low income and includes people of color and English language learners) populations.

There is a Draft Environmental Impact Statement which evaluates four alternatives and their impact on the built and natural environments.  Comments are being accepted through June 18th.  Comments can be submitted using a survey on the website.

There was discussion about the importance of maintaining manufacturing and industrial zoning.  Businesses in such zoning provide good jobs.  Tom responded that the policy is to protect manufacturing and industrial zoning.


Treasurer’s Report:

Jim reported the following balances in the FNC’s accounts:

Verity Checking:                     $ 2,592.21                   46th Street Mural:   $321.39

Verity Money Market:             56,878.42

Paypal                                            86.68


Minutes:   Linda moved that the April minutes be approved as presented.   The motion was seconded and passed.

Final thoughts:

MOTION:  Linda requested that the board approve up to $75 to make 100 copies of the FNC tri-fold brochure to be used at the Neighborhood Expo and elsewhere. Shawn seconded the motion.  Motion was passed.

 The meeting was adjourned.  The next FNC Board meeting will be Monday, June 22, 2015

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