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Meeting Minutes – May 2012

Fremont Neighborhood Council Meeting – May 21, 2012

Board members present:  Norma Jones, Elfreide Noble, Linda Clifton, Toby Thaler, Shawn Mulanix, Erik Pihl, Judie Clarridge.

Neither Matt Gasparich nor Stephanie Pure were able to be at the meeting.  It was the consensus of the Board that Norma should lead the meeting.

Those present introduced themselves, including Lee Kindell from the Hotel Hotel,3515 Fremont Ave. N.


  • Norma and Linda are planning to attend a meeting at History House on June 5th at 3:30 p.m. regarding increasing artwork inFremontthrough Urban ArtWorks, a non-profit organization which mentors and employs at risk youth in the creation of murals.
  • Norma reported that Patrick Gabriel, the artist who created the mural on Bridge Way, sent an email to the Fremont Arts Council, Chamber of Commerce, and Neighborhood Council in March to express his concern that because the original paint colors have not always been used in painting over graffiti and the outlines have not been maintained around the figures, the mural no longer reflected his work.  He offered to come toSeattle, at a cost of $10,000 plus his expenses, to work with volunteers to re-paint the mural.  If not, he would ask the Bridge Maintenance Division of the City’s Engineering Department to paint over the mural.
  • Kirby Lindsay shared information from the May 15th community meeting at the Fremont Library regarding King County Wastewater Treatment Division’s plans to rehabilitate or replace the 100-year old Fremont Siphon, located in a tunnel under the Lake WashingtonShip Canal. 
  • It was announced that Susan McCloskey, principal at B. F. Day Elementary will be retiring at the end of the school year.  Katie Pearl, currently the assistant principal at MercerMiddle School, will be the new principal.

Kristin Anderson, B. F. Day Elementary PTSA, Playground Improvement Project

Kristin provided an update on progress since she met with the Board in February.  They have completed the Concept Plan phase.  They have received an additional $18,300 grant from the Department of Neighborhoods for Design Development and are working on fundraising events.  Suggestions were offered about possible funding resources.

MOTION:  Erik moved that the FNC donate $5,000 to the B.F. Day PTSA for the Playground Improvement Project.  Shawn seconded.  There was discussion that the FNC has received funds in the past because of the negative impacts of development projects.  This seems to be an excellent use for some of those funds.  The motion was passed.

There was discussion that the FNC policy requires that large expenditures be given final approval at the next meeting after the initial approval was given.  In this case, the donation will not be final until approval is given at the June 25th meeting.

MOTION:  Erik moved that an announcement be sent to the membership of the FNC’s intention to donate $5,000 to the B.F. Day PTSA for the Playground Improvement Project with a statement encouraging others to donate.  Kristin offered to provide any needed information for the letter.  Shawn seconded.  The motion was passed.

Minutes:  Linda moved that the minutes be approved as presented.  The motion was passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  There was no treasurer’s report.

Committee Reports:


  • Toby reported that City Councilman Richard Conlin’s proposal to allow commercial use in Low Rise 2 and 8 zoning would not impactFremont.  It is proposed for the University District, Capitol Hill, and downtown.  There was poor outreach to neighborhood organizations for this proposal.
  • There will be a Design Review Board meeting on June 4th at 8 p.m. regarding the proposed Extended StayAmerica hotel on 3926Aurora.  Meeting will be atUniversity HeightsCenter.
  • Erik reported on the Harbor Properties 160-unit apartment project on Woodland Park Avenue.  The developer does not seem to be responding to neighborhood concerns raised at past meetings.  They continue to pursue a maritime design with large timbers and corrugated metal.  The plan still includes large, open rooftop decks about which nearby residents have voiced concern.   There has been no follow up regarding a suggestion that they review Carol Tobin’s residential survey regarding architectural styles in the area.
  • It was noted that 7 townhouses are going up at the southwest corner of N. 45th andWoodlandPark which will replace 2 houses.


  • No membership renewal notice has been sent out for 2012.  Toby volunteered to print address labels of past members.  100 stamps should be sufficient for the mailing.  A Board work party will be held on May 29th at 6 p.m. to assemble the information sheet, renewal form, and enclosed envelope for those who want to mail checks; and address, stamp, and stuff the envelopes.

MOTION:  Erik moved that the FNC reimburse those who incur costs for the mailing.  Shawn seconded.  The motion passed.

Motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed.   The next meeting will be Monday, June 25, 2012.



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