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Meeting Minutes – June 2012

Fremont Neighborhood Council Meeting – June 25, 2012 

Board members present:  Matt Gasparich, Norma Jones, Stephanie Pure, Elfreide Noble, Erik Pihl, Linda Clifton, Judie Clarridge.

Matt opened the meeting.  Those in attendance introduced themselves, including Jenny Frankl who isFremont’s new Neighborhood District Coordinator in the City’s Department of Neighborhoods.


  • Stephanie announced that Christian Silk is spearheading Fremont Greenways, an effort to identify non-arterial, low traffic volume residential streets in Fremontwhere pedestrians and bicyclists would be given priority.  This is part of a volunteer neighborhood coalition, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, which is planning and advocating for safer streets.  The next meeting will be on July 24th at 7:30 p.m. at the Nickerson Street Saloon.  For more information, go to

Minutes:   Norma moved that the minutes be approved as corrected (replacing “FNC policy” with “FNC bylaws” regarding the requirement that motions for large expenditures be made at one meeting and given final approval at the next).  Linda seconded.  The motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  There was no report because Shawn was unable to attend.

King County’s Fremont Siphon Replacement Project – Monica Van Der Vieren, Community Relations; and Will Sroufe, Project Manager.


Monica and Will provided a briefing on the project:  The Siphon is a set of two pipelines in a tunnel that crosses under the Ship Canal at about 2nd Avenue N.W. inFremont and connects to the existing sewer onNickerson Street on the Queen Anne side.  The tunnel is 20’ to 30’ below the Canal and the pipelines convey wastewater from a 60 square mile area as far north as Mukilteo to the West Point Treatment Facility in Magnolia.  The Siphon was installed between 1907 and 1913; construction of the replacement is planned to begin in 2014 and will take about 2 years.  This is a planned capital project.  The cost is covered by ratepayers.

The project is in the design phase.  Environmental review under SEPA will begin this summer.  Community meetings are being held in Fremont and Queen Anne to discuss how the construction will impact residents and businesses near the site and gather community input.  On theFremontside, planners are also working on lessening the impact to the Burke-Gilman Trail during construction.   Areas affected by construction will be restored.   To receive project updates and information on future meetings, email

Old Business:

  • Ernst Park Addition:  Matt submitted a Letter of Interest for a $550,000 grant under the Parks Department’s Opportunity Fund for the development of the addition, on the west side of Ernst Park.
  • B.F. Day Playground Improvement Project:  In accordance with the bylaws, the motion that was made at the May meeting to contribute $5,000 to the project was brought to the Board for final approval.  Erik made the motion.  Linda seconded.  The motion was passed.
  • WoodlandParkZoo:  Matt attended a zoo meeting.  Plans for the Zoolights display during the holiday season have raised concern regarding impact to nearby residents if a large number of people come to see the display.  It appears that it is more of a problem for Phinney Ridge than forFremont.  The zoo does not foresee a large impact to residential parking.  It was suggested that we invite a representative from the zoo to attend an upcoming meeting.

Committee Reports:


  • Linda Mitchell reported that the City Council will be holding a public meeting on July 9th at 5:30 p.m. to discuss the proposed changes to the Living Building Pilot Project (LBPP) which impacts the Skanska project at 34th andStone Way.  She said it would be appreciated it if the FNC would send another letter in support of the project to Richard Conlin, Chair of the City’s Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability (PLUS) Committee.

MOTION:  Erik moved that a letter be sent to the members of the City Council expressing the FNC’s long standing support of the Skanska project.  Stephanie seconded.  Toby will be asked to help in composing the letter.  The motion passed.

PARKS:  There was discussion about the need to hold a community meeting to brainstorm ideas regarding uses for the Ernst Park addition, design, etc.

SAFETY:  Suggestion that we ask Pete Hanning for an update on Public Safety issues being discussed at the North Precinct meetings.

Announcement:   Jessica Vets reported that the Fremont Street Fair was a great success.  She heard that the police who were at the Fair were bored.  She received a complaint from only one resident; the complaint concerned damage to her yard.  They are still finalizing the proceeds from the Fair but believe that $10,000 will be sent to Solid Ground.


The meeting was adjourned.   The next meeting will be July 23, 2012.

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