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Meeting Minutes – February 2015

Fremont Neighborhood Council Board Meeting – February 23, 2015


Board members present:  Toby Thaler, Norma Jones, Erik Pihl, Stephanie Pure, Jim Engelhardt, Linda Clifton, Shawn Mulanix, Judie Clarridge.


Stephanie opened the meeting and invited everyone to introduce themselves and share any announcements:


  • Leo Griffin reported on the Wake for Fremont’s Affordable Rental Houses, on February 21.  Sixty-two people attended and over 40 asked to have their email addresses shared with the FNC so that they could be notified regarding upcoming events.  The event was covered by KING5, Ballard News Tribune, and Fremont Universe.  Attending: 43rd District Representative Frank Chopp, Catherine Weatbrook (candidate for District 6), and City Council member Mike O’Brien.  There were fiery speeches by current/former neighbors in 3600 block of Linden Avenue, N.  Toby shared information on the SEPA appeal.
  • Stephanie announced that there will be a meeting on the King County Fremont Siphon Replacement Project, on Monday, March 2 from 6 – 8 at the Fremont Library.  Will include the construction schedule, etc.
  • Also on Monday, March 2 at 6 pm, there will be a Design Review Meeting on the proposed apartment project on 743 N. 35th.  It will be held at the Ballard Community Center.
  • A group of physicians and staff from Zoomcare announced that they have established an on-demand clinic in Fremont.   They take insurance but do not take Medicare or Medicaid.


Pilot Parklet Program – Jennifer Leland, SDOT

Jennifer stated that SDOT’s pilot program to use public parking spaces for public open spaces (called parklets) has become a permanent program.  Six have been built and nine more are in stages of development.  Community organizations can apply to establish and fund a parklet.  Set up costs are $1,000.  Annual renewal of permit is $140.  SDOT assesses applications to determine if there is sufficient available parking to allow for 1 – 3 spaces to be used for a parklet.  The application process includes a public comment period.  The first application period in 2015 ends on March 30 with a second open period in the fall.

In responses to questions:  If vandalism occurs, the applicant is responsible for the repair.  If repairs are not made, the permit will be revoked and the parklet removed.  No Smoking signs are installed in parklets. If complaints are received about a parklet, SDOT assesses the situation and result could be that permit is not renewed.  There have been no applications from Fremont. It is possible to request a Matching Funds grant (Dept of Neighborhoods) for a parklet. Although everything in a parklet must be capable of being removed, parklets must have some type of vegetation.

Streateries is a pilot program that uses public parking spaces in situations where sidewalks are not wide enough for a sidewalk café.  Businesses can provide table service in a Streatery during business hours.


Update:  New Crosswalk at N. 43rd and Fremont Avenue N. and other issues – Dongho Chang, SDOT

 Dongho reported that because initial bids were too high, there was another open period.  There will be 3 curb ramps at the intersection and a feature/signage to improve bicycle safety.  There will be no lighting.  Sidewalks will be rebuilt to provide a smooth transition to the curb ramps.

Erik raised the issue of the high number of collisions on Fremont Avenue between N. 46th and N. 39th.  Dongho said he would be glad to get the data and respond.

Reid Haefer asked about the sidewalk improvement at the foot of Stone Way N., Dongho said that an easement has been received from the Fremont Dock Company.

Linda raised concern about safety at intersection at N 45th and Woodland Park/ Whitman N and points east. She had discussed striping N. 45th to slow traffic with Jim Curtin, SDOT. Dongho said he would get back to the FNC on this issue.


Restoration Project at Waterway 22 – Reid Haefer, Friends of North Lake Union

Reid briefed on the plans of Friends of North Lake Union (FNLU) to encourage restoration of Lake Union: a better shoreline, improved water quality, removal of non-native invasive plants.  They want to improve public access to the shoreline at the Waterway.  The pathway is steep and clogged with blackberries, ivy, and garbage.  The unimproved right of way is 15’ x 115’ and is owned by the City.  SDOT manages the space.  There is a need for more public space in the area.  Hope to plant native species and install a bench. They applied for a $14,000 grant to do a geotechnical assessment.  The Wallingford Community Council endorsed their grant request.  Because the site is part of the Fremont Urban Village, they request support from the FNC.


MOTION:  Erik moved that the FNC endorse the grant request and asked that FNLU keep the FNC informed.  Linda seconded the motion.  The motion passed.


Committee Reports:

  • Membership:  We currently have 71 paid members.
  • Land Use:  Toby updated on the SEPA appeal regarding apartment building project on 3600 block of Linden Avenue N. The hearing is currently set for March 2but may be continued.  It will be held on the 40th floor of the Municipal Tower.  The developer has provided a poor parking study.  DPD needs to evaluate the cumulative effects of projects close to one another.  John Shaw is the DPD Transportation Planner.  Toby has contacted people to testify:  Ross Tilghman on parking issues, Michael Oxman on impact of reduced tree canopy, John Niles on transit issue.  There is an RPZ on the block yet there is not sufficient parking for those who have permits.


There were also comments about the predatory behavior of some developers in Fremont.  Discussion about providing information to people who are vulnerable.


  • Neighborhood Expo, May 22:  Linda asked if the FNC was interested in having a table.  The event would provide visibility and networking for the FNC.  Suggestion that the Fremont Historical Society could help staff the table.  There was discussion about the cost for Fremont organizations.  There was also a comment that Matt may have signs that could be used on the table.


MOTION:  Erik moved that up to $250 be authorized, and that Jessica Vets be contacted regarding cost.  Judie seconded.  The motion passed.


  • Annual General Meeting:  Discussion about possible keynote speakers:  SDOT Director Scott Kubly, Deputy Mayor Hyeok Kim.  Also discussion about candidates for Districts 4 and 6 positions.   Discussion about the need for: an FNC liaison with the Chamber and a Public Safety Chair.


Treasurer’s Report:


Jim reported that there had been $370 in deposits this month and expenses in the amounts of $143.59 and $131.48.  He presented the following balances in the FNC’s accounts:

Verity Checking:                     $ 1,572.21                   46th Street Mural:   $321.39

Verity Money Market:             56,278.89

Paypal                                          927.90


Minutes:  Linda moved that the minutes for January 2015 be approved as presented.  Erik seconded.  Motion passed.


The meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting will be Monday, March 23, 2015.

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