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Meeting Minutes – February 2012

Fremont Neighborhood Council Meeting – February 27, 2012

Board members present:  Matt Gasparich, Elfreide Noble, Norma Jones, Toby Thaler, Shawn Mulanix, Erik Pihl, Judie Clarridge.

President Matt Gasparich opened the meeting.

Minutes:  Norma moved that the January minutes be approved.  Shawn seconded.  Motion passed.

Action Items:  Matt asked Erik to record action items assigned during the meeting and to email the list to Board members shortly after the meeting.  Erik agreed.

Treasurer’s Report:   Shawn presented the following report:


PayPal                                                $    317.80                   Commitments:

BECU checking:                     $ 3,430.44                   46th St Mural Project:                1,249.00

BECU savings:                                 5.00

BECU money market:                        25,000.00

Union Bank CD                       36,257.57

Total                                        65,010.81

Norma has advised members who want to renew by check to mail their renewals to the FNC’s post office box.


B.F. Day Playground Improvement Project – Kristin Anderson, PTSA president:

Kristin serves as the Chair of the project’s Steering Committee.  She reported that they received a Small and Simple grant to use for developing the preferred concept plan for the project.  They are working with Site Workshop, a landscape architectural firm, and have gathered input from teachers, students, parents, and from two community meetings.   The third, and last scheduled, community meeting will be on March 7th.   Ultimately, the Seattle School District will need to approve the design.  Kristin said the committee had initially hoped that the upper playground, managed by the Seattle Parks Department, could be included in the project but learned that there are neither funds nor staff to work on changes.  As a result, the scope of the project is within the school’s fence line.


They will be applying for another Small and Simple grant to continue the design development process.  Kristin is interesting in engaging more people and groups in the community.  There was discussion about possible funding sources that might award grants for this type of project.  They are currently working on a variety of fund raising activities, including a clothing drive for the Northwest Center in April.


They estimate that the cost of the project could be between $100,000 and $200,000.  The final design will need to be completed before they have a more accurate figure.  It may be that the project will be constructed in phases as funding becomes available.

Friends of Troll’s Knoll — Steven Harris:

Steven reported that Friends of Troll’s Knoll (includes about 100 members) has received a grant to improve the green space on both sides of the Troll at the intersection of Troll Way and N. 36th.  The goal is that the planting will be low maintenance and sustainable.  One of the issues to be dealt with is irrigation of the site.  Currently, there is a source on the east side only.

The timeline calls for the design process in 2012 and construction in 2013.  A City project manager has been named.  There will be opportunities for community input.  Washington State DOT will continue work through 2012 on the Aurora Bridge and Column Seismic Retrofit.

There are plans for a work party in April to clean up the east side of the site.

Steven plans to come to FNC meetings regularly to provide updates.

Old Business:

  • MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL:  Norma has drafted a mailer.  Stephanie has introduced a friend, Christian, who is a graphic designer, to Matt.  There was discussion about distribution of the membership sheet: leaving copies at Marketime, having copies available at the March meeting for distribution and mailing (past experience has shown it is wise to include a small envelope with FNC address in the mailer for those renewing to use), contacting Fremont Universe to publicize FNC membership and April general meeting.
  • TRANSFER STATION SETTLEMENT:  The provisions of the settlement are that the $60,000 is to be used for projects on public property.  There has been a suggestion of having a mobile radar speed sign (like the permanent ones along Aurora Avenue) located on N. 38th.  Erik will email Mary Catherine Snyder, SDOT, to ask about the cost of such a sign.  In accordance with the agreement, the FNC will need to work with the other appellants in the case to come to concurrence on the use of the money.
  • AURORA UPDATE:  Demolition has begun of the old Thunderbird Motel.  Per Dan Wise, British Motor Sports is purchasing the Thunderbird sign and plans to restore it.



  • TRANSPORTATION:  Metro has made significant modifications to the proposed changes to routes that serveFremont.  Route 26/28 and 5 will remain as they are currently.   Metro has stated that they will revisit these routes when Rapid Ride is implemented onAurora Avenue.   There was discussion about inviting Metro and Sound Transit to send representatives to the Annual General Meeting in April.  Also discussion about inviting Larry Phillips, King County Council, to be the guest speaker at the meeting.


  • PARKS:  On a parks-related issue, Kirby Lindsay, Fremocentrist, reported that the Center for Wooden Boats (CWB) has signed an interim lease agreement with the Metro Transit Division of King County DOT that will allow CWB to repair and begin using a surplus warehouse and storage yard west ofGasworksPark. She said that clean up of the warehouse is underway.  The interim lease will mean that CWB will be able to do boat work on the site while determination is made on environmental issues resulting from the site’s long time use as a marine fuel facility.  At this point, CWB will not have access to the water.


  • LAND USE:  Toby noted that construction is nearing completion on the retail/apartment building at the corner of N. 40th andStone Way.  He and Erik also reported on Harbor Properties’ proposal for a 60 unit apartment building at3635 Woodland Park Avenue, N.  Neighbors are concerned because he project is not in scale with the area; there is Low-rise 1 zoning onAlbion.

Toby reported that three Board members attended the early design review meeting on January 30th regarding Catholic Community Services’ 4251 Aurora Project.  The initial plans show sensitivity to the concerns of neighbors, i.e. placement of the parking area and creation of a planting strip, both along on the west side of the property, will provide a buffer between the building and the homes next door.

New Business:

There was no new business.

Motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed.


The next meeting will be Monday, March 26, 2012. 

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