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Meeting Minutes – August 2014

Fremont Neighborhood Council – August 25, 2014


Board members present:  Stephanie Pure, Toby Thaler, Norma Jones, Linda Clifton, Erik Pihl, Elfreide Noble, Shawn Mulanix, Matt Gasparich, Jim Engelhardt, Judie Clarridge.


Stephanie was delayed so Matt opened the meeting and invited everyone to introduce themselves and share any announcements:


  • Kirby Lindsay announced that the Fremont Wiffleball Tournament, a fundraiser for B.F.Day School, is Saturday, September 6th from 9 am to 7 pm. The cost is $250 for a 6-person team. Kirby also said that Stan Jaskot is the new principal and is interested in community involvement.  Linda suggested that he be invited to an FNC meeting.
  • Stephanie said that painting has begun on theFremontBridge.  Art Brochet sent an email with information on lane closures on the bridge.  Linda has posted it on the website.
  • Friday, September 19th, will be PARK(ing) Day inSeattle.  People can sign up to create a mini-park in a parking space for the day.
  • Oktoberfest will be September 19 -21.  New this year is that Sunday is a family day.
  • Starbucks is opening their new location on the northwest corner of Fremont N. and N. 34th (formerly Peet’s) on Friday, September 5.
  • Linda provided an update on the North Precinct Picnic, held on August 24th at University Heights Center.  She updated the FNC brochure and took copies with her.  She had an opportunity to talk with Loren Street, Chief O’Toole, and Mayor Murray.  She learned that crime on Aurora Avenue has moved north, around 125th and north.  Vehicle theft inFremont is high.  There was discussion about the online maps on the SPD’s website which show criminal activity.  It was suggested that the person who prepares the maps be asked to attend a future board meeting.



Curtis Knapp, Legislative Assistant to Rep. Brady Walkinshaw, was at the meeting to hear the issues of concern inFremont.  He provided an update on the next legislative session.  He believes that the funding of K – 12 education will dominate the session in order to comply with the State Supreme Court’s ruling.  He said it was a hopeful sign that Republicans are talking about new revenue sources.  Stephanie asked Curtis to relay to Brady that Fremont needs him to fight for transit funds.


Stephanie announced that she is stepping down as FNC President because she has been accepted into graduate school.  She will begin in September and will continue to work full time.  She will continue to be a board member. FNC Vice President Toby Thaler agreed to serve as Acting President until the next election.  Norma said we need to recruit additional board members.  The bylaws establish a minimum of 9 board members. There are 10 members currently.


Transition issues and upcoming agenda topics were discussed:


  • Stephanie will get information from Shawn on accessing PayPal.
  • Stephanie and Jim will transfer the FNC accounts to Verity Credit Union and will add either Norma or Judie as a 2nd signer.
  • Stephanie will provide Toby with the standardized agenda format she has been using.
  • “Next Door” is a social media tool for connecting people within their neighborhoods.  It could be a useful tool for the FNC to use to letFremontfolks know about the organization and opportunities to become involved.  Jim said he would sign up.
  • Hold an election forum in the early spring (or at the AGM in April) to educate people on the District Elections.
  • Update onTrollPark
  • Policy on Microhousing / Affordable Workforce Housing: Invite Council member Mike O’Brien (Chair, Planning, Land Use, Sustainability Committee) or a staff member
  • Transportation Choices:  Invite SDOT and Sound Transit for dialogue
  • Explore pros and cons for establishing the FNC as a 501(c)(3) organization
  • Ernst Park and adjacent property:  Ask for update from Parks Department now that Seattle Park District measure was approved by the voters.
  • Pedestrian Safety at 41st andStone Way:  ask for update on pedestrian-activated light, curb bulbs
  • Pedestrian Safety at 43rd andFremont:  ask for update on crosswalk
  • LUDC and City Neighborhood Council:  Ralph Weathers to provide update at September 22 meeting
  • Wallingford Design Guidelines being applied to theFremontUrbanVillage
  • Pedestrian Safety Master Plan:  ask for update
  • Replacement of awning / steel marquee on theMcKenzieBuilding, now occupied by Chase Bank: Matt said the most recent update was that they were waiting for a permit from the city
  • Invite Council member Tom Rasmussen (chair, Transportation Committee; vice chair: Affordable Housing) to speak.
  • Invite new B. F. Day Principal, Stan Jaskot, to speak
  • FNC policy on making grants:  Linda said that a small group had met to begin the process of developing a policy


Toby provided background on the Fremont Neighborhood Fund which was established when the building which housed the Phinney Street Co-op (now site of Lighthouse Roasters Coffee) was sold.  The people who manage the $70K in the fund want to disband.


Ralph and Sarah Weathers said they would be making a request for a grant for the 2015 Martin Luther King Day of Service event.


Linda reported that she is developing a new page for the FNC website that will focus on public art that the FNC has sponsored.


Treasurer’s Report:  Jim reported the following balances:


Checking account:      $1,792.72

Savings:                               5.00

Money Market:           56,210.56


Minutes:    Norma moved that the July minutes be approved as presented.  Linda seconded.  The motion passed.


The meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting will be Monday, September 22, 2014.









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