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Meeting Minutes – April 2012

Fremont Neighborhood Council Annual General Meeting – April 23, 2012

Board members present:  Matt Gasparich, Stephanie Pure, George Heideman, Elfreide Noble, Linda Clifton, Norma Jones, Toby Thaler, Shawn Mulanix, Erik Pihl, Judie Clarridge.

Matt Gasparich opened the meeting.


  • Jessica Vets reported that the Chamber has a new website:  It is more user friendly and publicizes more community activities.  She welcomes getting information on events.
  • April 30th:  Design Review Board meeting atUniversity Heights regarding the Stone34 project.
  • May 5th:  The Center for Wooden Boats will dedicate their new North Lake Union Workshop & Warehouse.
  • May 7th:  Design Review Board meeting atBallardHigh School regarding Catholic Community Services’ low income housing project onAurora.
  • May 19th:  The Harbor Patrol, located next to the Center for Wooden Boats, will have an Open House (11 am to 2 pm) to see the three Harbor Patrol vessels built byFremont’s Kvichak Marine Industries.  The newest, Harbor Patrol 9, has just been delivered.
  • June 5th:  Venus crosses the disk of the Sun.   Last time this will occur in our lifetime.
  • Linda reported that a group of volunteers cleaned the 46th Street Mural.  They plan to do a power washing at the end of the summer.


Treasurer’s Report:   Shawn reported the following:


PayPal                                                $    317.80                   Commitments:

BECU checking:                     $ 3,430.44                   46th St Mural Project:                1,249.00

BECU savings:                                 5.00                   Hazel Heights P Patch                 500.00

BECU money market:                        25,004.00

Union Bank CD                       36,257.57

Total                                        65,014.81


Minutes:   Norma moved that the minutes be approved as corrected.  Stephanie seconded.  Motion was passed.


Guest Speaker:  Jim Diers, first director of the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, author and speaker


Jim spoke on the keys to opening your community to greater participation.  He talked about having fun events, starting “on the block” to engage people at a very local level.  He gave examples of projects that have been successful all over the world.   Rather than focusing on people’s needs, we need to emphasize the gifts that all people have.  Everyone has something to offer to the community.  Community planning needs to be from the bottom up.  The resources and ideas are in the local community.


Celebration of George Heideman’s service to the Fremont community


George is retiring from the Neighborhood Council.  Norma spoke about his many years of involvement, leadership, and service.  Toby read a statement from past president Beckey Sukovaty that described George’s work in the early 1990s in the design and construction of a bench in memory of neighborhood activist, Helen Tapp.  The bench is on Fremont Avenueand N. 43rd which is a busy intersection, but its seat boards and strong metal supports continue in service today.  Jack Tomlinson spoke about George’s role in the early networking and coordination that resulted in the creation ofFremontPeakPark.  There were many examples of George’s willingness to use his skills as an architect to benefitFremont.  Pete Henning told about George’s construction, 25 years ago, of the great windows that filled the west wall in the original Red Door.  Suzie Burke spoke about George being the “go to” guy when you needed something that not only looked good but was so well designed that it really worked.  Many other recollections of George’s activism inFremont were shared.  Cake was served and photos were taken.


Annual election of Board members


There was discussion about how the Board is currently structured and the work that needs to be performed.  Board members have focused on issue areas:  parks, land use, public safety, transportation, etc.  Matt said that Board responsibilities also need to reflect the workload of the organization: communication to the neighborhood, outreach to increase FNC membership, engaging volunteers, etc.  There was discussion that an entire Board meeting needs to be devoted to roles and responsibilities of Board members.  Also discussion that tabling the election would be in conflict with the bylaws that call for the Board to be elected at the Annual General Meeting.  Linda suggested that the current Board members be continued in place.  Pete said that the FNC needs a point-of-contact for public safety to attend the North Precinct meetings.


MOTION:  Norma moved to renew the officers and Board members in their current positions.  Stephanie seconded.  The motion passed.


Note:  Current officers and Board members include:  Matt Gasparich, Stephanie Pure, Judie Clarridge, Shawn Mulanix, Linda Clifton, Norma Jones, Elfriede Noble, Erik Pihl, Dic Selin, and Toby Thaler.


Old Business


  • TRANSFER STATION SETTLEMENT:  Toby gave an update on the status of this issue and the plan to solicit the other plaintiffs regarding the use of the $60,000 from the City for public projects that would improve the general area near the transfer station.
  • Stone34 PROJECT:  It is important that Board members and residents attend the DRB on April 30th.
  • HARBOR URBAN PROJECT:  Information will be provided to the Board when the date is set for the DRB on the proposed 160 unit apartment building in the 3600 block of Woodland Park Avenue.


New Business


  • SOLSTICE PARADE: Linda reported that the Fremont Arts Council is soliciting support for the parade.  For a $250 contribution, the FNC could be recognized in the parade program with a business card size ad.  There was also discussion about inviting the Arts Council to send a representative to FNC Board meetings.


MOTION:  Erik moved that the FNC make a $250 donation to the Fremont Arts Council in support of the parade.  And, that the Secretary send an invitation to the Arts Council to send a representative to FNC Board meetings.


  • KING COUNTY METRO:  Stephanie reported that Metro is soliciting public input via their “Have a Say” events.  Next one is scheduled on April 25th at the King County Courthouse at 9:30 a.m.  She also confirmed that Metro’s prior plans to make changes to several of the routes inFremont had been dropped.


Motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed.   The next meeting will be Monday, May 21, 2012 (on the 3rd Monday due to the Memorial Day holiday on the 4th Monday).


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