The Hazel Heights group sends FNC, one of the project sponsors, “the latest info & photos from Vicki Robinson–our fabulous volunteer project lead with equally fabulous Cheryl Knox–for our mosaic art front entrance sign project”






and reports next steps:

  • Glass tiles to surround/frame out the mosaic from Bedrock (gave discount, purchased using remaining FNC grant money, rest earmarked to cover grout/thinset)
  • The next step is the wall prep (logistics meeting held last weekend). Dan (Mageau) can assist Tim and Peter (HH gardener volunteers)
  • Mosaic placement is June 25
  • Wall prep is June 1   (All dates dependent on weather.)
  • TOTAL COMPLETION: 1st week of July 2013”

Organizers write that “If H.H. volunteers want to photo-document the process that would be good. (Also we’ll need lunch for the community volunteers.)

Besides Cheryl and me, we’ll have 3 people volunteering from Seattle Mosaic Arts (SMA) to help install – Hanako and Emily (with SMA owner Claire). People are welcome to come and view, as long as they know that we will be working a little bit madly and probably not available to field questions, so please give us a lot of space.

“Final material costs from Seattle Mosaic Arts above grant of $1000 (SMA donating time and expertise): $300.00. Vicki originally wasn’t sure how much installation support we’d have from SMA, but several generous SMA folks are volunteering their expertise so that’s covered. Thanks again to everyone who pitched in with glass cutting and placement at the mosaic work parties Vicki & Cheryl organized at SMA!

“Support Vicki and Cheryl really need during this last phase is for Hazel Heighsters to step up with photo documentation of the process, providing food during installation work parties, and donations to cover the rest of the materials cost. Please send your donation c/o Marya Felenchak, HH treasurer, 4231 Baker Ave NW, Seattle WA 98107; make checks out to “P-Patch Trust for Hazel Heights”–thank you!

“A community celebration of our gorgeous new art sign is planned after all is done. Tentatively scheduled to coincide with the annual Neighbor Nite Out party Hazel Heights sponsors, this year on evenng of Tuesday 8/6–Marya’s coordinating, volunteers will be needed!” From Beckey Sukovaty  (HH site co-coord w/ Nicole)