Bevis was important to Fremont and to Seattle. We mourn his passing and celebrate his life, which still influences Fremont today.

From the Seattle Times article: “Bevis died July 12 in a hospital in Coronado, the resort city at San Diego Bay in California where he lived, says Gretchen Bevis, his sister, who lives in Cashmere, Chelan County.”

And a bit more: “…Pamela Belyea, co-founder of what is now the Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, says Bevis knew he was dying and hired her to organize and write up his life. She had access to his oral history and is putting together a web page about him and his sculptures, as well as a¬†Wikipedia page. ‘Peter had so many ideas, so much excitement,’ she says. …”

“One of his projects still stands. …It is that 16-foot, 7-ton bronze Lenin statue in the heart of Fremont. In 1995, Bevis brought it here, the statue then and now a source of controversy. He shrugged off those offended. It was art.” And it still stands, right now displaying paint splashes in support of Ukraine. —