Learn about Fremont history, culture and development, live, in person and

At the Troll – Kirby Lindsay photo

in action…On Saturday, August 2nd, 2014, at 3pm, the Fireside
Chat series of free, live presentations on Fremont history and culture
takes a short, easy stroll – to the Fremont Troll and Fremont Baptist
Church. Starting at History House, at the corner of Patches Place and
Troll Ave, this walk-and-talk on Fremont history will showcase the changes
that have taken place at the Center of the Universe over the last 100
This one-hour program will present Troll Avenue, and the site of the
infamous Troll, and talk about the area before the sculpture, and before
the Aurora Bridge soared overhead. The walk then wanders inside the
Fremont Baptist Church – one of Fremont’s oldest institutions – where
church members will share stories, show photos and conduct tours of the
building, down to the sub-basement, for those interested in getting a
close-up look. Also, Sarah Weathers will give well-researched information
on the Church pipe organ, while visitors get a chance to get right up on

This FREE, family-friendly walk will be conducted at a leisurely pace, and
can be ADA accessible, except for the church tour. Lemonade and cookie
will be served after the presentation by members of Fremont Baptist.
For further information, and more images, visit the Brown Paper Tickets
(http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/597855) and/or Facebook event
(https://www.facebook.com/events/666869603333423/?ref=5) pages.

• Starts at History House of Greater Seattle,
at the corner of Patches Place & Troll Ave.
• Saturday, Aug 2nd from 3p – 4p
• Hear Fremont history with stunning, 3D visual aids, in an active,
entertaining presentation
• For more information, contact instigator@fremocentrist.com or 206/632-3170