A letter from FNC’s President:

Hello everyone,

This article in the New York Times includes Watershed, the 7-story office building on 34th, immediately east side of the Aurora Bridge. The Neighborhood Council supported this project because the project was aligned with our values for environmentally sustainable construction that adds value to the neighborhood (we also supported the deep green Stone 34 building).

Going ‘Deep Green,’ Office Buildings Give Back to the Planet

The Neighborhood Council (including me) have challenged new development in Fremont that negatively impacts the neighborhood and does not add value—as we should. It is good for us to also support projects such as this one that encourage developers to make environmentally responsible investments. This type of development is more expensive to design and construct. Our support for these types of investments encourages developers to pursue projects such as Watershed.

While it may seem like an obvious decision to support deep green projects, it is not always popular. There was some controversy about this building from its immediate neighbors to the north. While we can oppose all new development, selectively supporting projects that are good investments in the neighborhood and enhance quality of life in Fremont makes us credible and encourages better projects to be built. Development is happening and will continue to happen, we can help shape the future by supporting projects such as Watershed and Stone 34.



Erik G. Pihl
Board President
Fremont Neighborhood Council