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FNC meets Monday May 20

The Fremont Neighborhood Council meets one week earlier because its regular 4th Monday meeting date falls on Memorial Day weekend. Stay tuned for May 20 agenda.

Meeting tonight! (May 20)


Notice: Due to Memorial Day on 4th Monday of May, next FNC meeting is

Monday, May 20, 2019

7 p.m., Doric Temple, 619 N. 36th St., downtown Fremont
1. 7:03 Introductions and Announcements
2. 7:10 Minutes and Treasurer’s Report
And discussion of membership list…
3. 7:15 Helen Tapp Bench Restoration
4. 7:45 Request for funding to support Community Dinners every Wednesday at Fremont Baptist Church
5. 8:15 Executive Session (Board members only—consideration of appeal)

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6 Responses to “FNC meets Monday May 20”

  1. Agenda for tonight?

    Also, in the About section of the FNC ‘s Facebook page in the Mission section it says “To promote the interests of the Fremont Neighborhood.” Would the Board consider the following amendments?

    The Fremont Neighborhood Council supports and promotes the interests of Fremont residents.

    I don’t currently live in Fremont but I did for nearly 20 years. Some on our list know, but for those I haven’t met yet, I co-founded and coordinated Fremont Aurora Wallingford Neighbors 1998-2008 (afterwards run by the talented, thorough and more politically experienced Linda Clifton), founded the Fremont Historical Society and coordinated it 2004 -2011 (thereafter kept running for a year by the capable and fun Carolyn ______ ,since then by the marvelous, charming, engaging, thorough, patient and fun Judie Clarridge). I will be living half time in Fremont again soon, and will be helping out again where I can.

    Heather McAuliffe

    Posted by Heather McAuliffe | May 20, 2019, 1:13 pm
    • Living in Fremont? We don’t police how many months of the year you’re here 🙂 And we do so appreciate all you have done for Fremont. Welcome back!

      Posted by Linda | May 27, 2019, 10:13 pm
  2. Correction to my earlier message: It was the wonderful and capable Caroline Sayre who took over the FHS from me for a year or so. Sorry for mistyping her name as Carolyn and leaving off her last name.

    Posted by Heather McAuliffe | May 20, 2019, 1:41 pm
  3. Hello FNC,
    I wonder what/ if action is planned by the Fremont Neighborhood Council in response to the Judge’s finding in support of the City of Seattle’s FEIS and against the Queen Anne Neighborhood Council’s appeal to the proposed up-zoning of all single family lots to allow more and bigger DADUs and ADUs and the elimination of any owner occupancy requirement (essentially allowing triplexes on every single family lot sized 3200SF and bigger).
    I see O’Brien is planning on meeting with city staff starting on May 29 to begin finalizing his related Ordinance 125791 to codify this up-zoning and plans to bring it to City Council vote in June.
    I am interested in continuing to fight this Ordinance in any way I can be helpful as it moves to Council vote. Recommendations from the Fremont Neighborhood Council as to how best to maximize our voice would be helpful.

    Posted by Joan Weiser | May 22, 2019, 2:48 am
    • Forwarding your message to Council president for best response.

      Posted by Linda | May 27, 2019, 10:16 pm
    • Joan—FNC has not taken a position on the QA Community Council’s ADU appeal. We have taken a position on the related MHA upzoning; FNC appealed the EIS to the City Hearing Examiner because of the likelihood of significant adverse impacts. For example: FNC board voted to appeal the Council’s decision to upzone Fremont to the Growth Management Hearings Board. That appeal is due this week: More soon…

      Posted by Toby Thaler | May 29, 2019, 2:29 am

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