A briefing on the light rail study and a debate between Council candidates Mike O’Brien and Albert Shen fill the Fremont Neighborhood Council agenda for July 22.  (Scroll down for complete agenda and meeting details).  The format will not be a formal debate, but more of a presentation and Q&A.  It is as follows: each candidate will have 5 minutes for an initial statement, followed by 2 minute rebuttals for each, and then 15 minutes for Q&A from the audience.  Candidates have been asked to consider these questions in advance:

  1. NW Sector Mobility – What are the primary transportation issues facing the NW Sector and how does Fremont fit into those issues?
  2. Open Space/Community Center: Fremont has a dearth of open space and community space, a real issue for Fremont families. If elected or re-elected, what would you do to remedy this longstanding situation? Additionally, What do you think of the Metropolitan Parks District issue?
  3. Neighborhood Planning – Tell us your thoughts on neighborhood planning. Does is work?  What is the appropriate balance of accommodating growth and protecting quality of life in our neighborhoods?

FNC Agenda – July 22, 2013, Doric Lodge 92, 619 North 36th Street at 7:00 pm

  • 7pm    Intro
  • 7:05    Announcements
  • 7:15    Light Rail Study Briefing (Presenter TBD)
  • 7:30    Council Forum for Position 8
    Mike O’Brien and Albert Shen :   Mike O’Brien:  www.obrienforseattle.com   Albert Shen: albertshen.com
  • 8:00    Committee Reports
  • 8:25    Treasurer’s Report/Minutes Approval
  • 8:30    Adjourn

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