Over the years, FNC has honored residents for service to the neighborhood and to FNC. FNC members have been honored by others in the neighborhood as well.

Helen Tapp, founding member of FNC, honored with a memorial bench on Fremont Avenue

BF Day thanks FNC and Stephanie Pure for support of the BF Day playground project, November 2013

FNC Board and neighbors honor retiring board member George Heideman, April 2012  L to R, 1st row: Mrs. Elfrida Noble, George Heideman, Jim Diers, Matt Gasparich, Norma Jones; 2nd row: x, x, Suzie Burke, x, Judie Clarridge, Linda Clifton, John Coelho, x  Back row: x, Toby Thaler, Pete Hanning,  Jessica Vets, Erik Pihl, x, Stephanie Pure, Yoram Bauman, x , Shawn Mulanix [Please email us and fill in the blanks]

George Heideman’s cake at the 2012 FNC annual meeting

FNC thanks longtime board member Dic Selin at the 2013 annual meeting

Toby Thaler, FNC Land Use Chair, receiving the Fremont Chamber’s Hammering Man award from Chamber Director Jessica Vets, 2014

Fremonsters on the 46th Street Mural Steering Committee receive the Fremont Chamber’s Hammering Man Award, 2011 L to R: Charlie Cuniff, Craig van den Bosch, Leah Eister-Hargrave, Ruby Eister-Hargrave, Linda Clifton. Not pictured: Eric Wahl, Matt Gasperich, Deborah Bell