Working with Urban ArtWorks and artist Kyler Martz, the Fremont Neighborhood Council is sponsoring art on four of Fremont’s utility boxes. FNC would welcome co-sponsors to put artwork on more of these big, often-tagged boxes. Below, see the proposed locations & intersections, and the designs suggested for each.

1.” Zoo” by Kyler Martz : 39th & Fremont (funded by FNC)






“Parade” by Kyler Martz

2. Parade: Aurora & 46th (funded by a grant from Matt Gasparich and Maritime Training Services)





“Solstice” by Kyler Martz

3. Solstice: 36th & Dayton (funded by FNC)







“Lighthouse” by Kyler Martz

4. Lighthouse 36th & Fremont (funded by FNC)