You are invited to party with the Fremont Arts Council…and to volunteer to help the party happen–see list
of opportunities below:
FAC writes: This has truly been a challenging year, filled with clashing passions, troubling headlines, fear and frustration. Even more reason to come together to engage in reflection, artistic expression, and most of all, community.

The 2016 Feast of the Winter Solstice is quickly approaching; a turning point marking the rebirth of the sun out of the darkest, longest night of the year. Planning is underway for our time to frolic with family and friends in an artful celebration of this turn of the wheel!

The latest news is that we have secured a space for the Feast!  (to be announced soon) So now we are calling upon you, our members and friends, to sign up for a crew to get this spectacular celebration off the ground!

                        Mark Your Calendar for the Feast Planning Meeting: 

Monday, November 28th, 7pm at the Powerhouse (3940 Fremont Ave. N.)

This year’s feast will be an invitation-only potluck exclusively for FAC members and their guests, not open to the general public. This is a celebration we are throwing for ourselves to celebrate the year gone by, and the new year to come!  So FAC members and guests are encouraged to participate in helping create the feast in some way.  In exchange for entrance, we are asking that FAC members and guests either sign up for a volunteer slot as a member of a feast crew, or pay a minimum suggested donation for entry.  

We plan to use only volunteers to create the event. Crew leads will receive a specific number of free admissions for their crews. Below is a list of feast crews. Some lead positions are already filled, so let us know as soon as possible if you would like to lead a crew. Co-leads are welcome.   email  if you are interested; or better yet, show up at the Planning Meeting on November 28th.

We will be sending out a call for artists for feast installations. We will also be collecting goo gaws, greenery, pillows and the usual list of fun things for creating the feast. Information about powerhouse art workshops and on-line feast and volunteer registration will be coming out soon as well.

Finally, your membership dollars are essential support for the powerhouse and community produced art events and activities year-round.   Your current membership status is listed below.  If you are not a member, or you want to encourage your guests to join, visit our join page.  To renew your membership visit our member renewal page.


The Prep

·         Decorations:  Make our space beautiful

·         Greenery:  You provide creative insight using greenery/cedar bows to enhance the space.

·         Lighting/Chandeliers

·         Food Coordinator:  Arrange for food donations for build volunteers

·         Table Set Up and Runners:  Setting up all the Tables for dining on 12/21 in the morning.  Bringing food to serving tables at the start of the event.

·         Art Workshops at Powerhouse:  Check the powerhouse calendar for workshop dates in December.  Make the headdresses and table decorations.   Assist artists in any construction of their installations that can happen off-site.
·         Re-cycle & Trash:  This role happens before, after & during the event to some extent

·         Clean UP:  Manage and orchestrate cleaning up of space during the build, on event night and afterwards on 12/22.

The Feast

·         Door Entry/Greeters:  Setting up Entry and managing the night of.  At the start of the evening you will greet people entering the event.

·         Tea House:  You set up the space and organize a team of people to serve tea during the event. 

·         First-Aid:  Organize and staff a first-aid station for the build and the event

·         Security:  During the event you will work to keep things safe.

The Art

·         Art Installations on site: Check out our call for artists (coning soon).

·         Entertainment: Musicians and stage & sound crew

·         Ritual:


Harper, Fremont Arts Council, Board President

Your membership dollars provide essential year-round support for the Powerhouse and community-produced celebration art.  For new members, visit our join page. To renew your membership, visit our member renewal page.  And, better yet, make a year-end tax-deductible  donation as well!

Find us on-line at, and remind yourself why this organization is one of the best ways to donate to yourself and your loved ones.

              Your Membership Renewal  will keep you on the list for updates about Winter Feast!
The FAC needs you more than ever – and your new membership, renewal, parade sponsorship, or any size donation helps us ensure that YOU have access to the best community art and events in all of Seattle!

See you at Winter Feast, Happy Fall!
Love, your Fremont Arts Council