Our friends at Fremont Arts Council sent this reminder–come feast in Fremont:

The Feast of the Winter Solstice is a spectacular annual gathering for members of the Fremont Arts Council and their invited guests.Together in the Great Hall we mark the season with shared dishes, lavish costumes and artful celebration.  This is a community created event, and a fantastic way to celebrate the longest night of the year.

 Fewer than 100 tickets are Left!  We are feasting in a beautiful venue, with only half the capacity of past feasts.Thus, we expect the feast will sell out early.  There will be no sales the day of the event.  So, get involved soon!

Feast admission is $40 for FAC members.  You  can add up to two guests for $75each.  Add guests at the time you purchase.  Kids 12&under:$20.  Teenagers are $40.  

Has  your membership lapsed? Are you a friend of the FAC who would like to become a first-time member? No worries. Sign up with the “all-in-one” option for feast  admission and one year membership.  

Feast registration fees are essential to cover the cost of the event; so we are all asked to pay as generously as we can. 

 Your membership dollars are essential support forthe powerhouse and for community produced art events and activities year-round.  FAC members join that incredible community of artists and collaborators that makes celebration art events happen in Seattle.    

Need Help?  Questions about registration or membership?  Need to request “Living Lightly” membership price?   Email:  fac@fremontartscouncil.org  

Sign Up to help create the feast!  People who come to the feast are active participants in creating the event, the art, the performance and the experience.  Participating in the creation of the Feast is an awesome experience where you get to know the community in a deeper way. There is something magical about taking an empty hall/space, decorating itto high beauty, and adding in all the components to throw an amazing community gathering.  This is our gift to ourselves.  And, everyone is an artist.  Sign Up! to help build the feast;

 We look forward to Feasting with you soon!

 Your Feast planning team.   

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