Volunteer Sue Peters brushes dust off a mural column, August 11, 2013
Photo by Stephanie Pure

FNC President Stephanie Pure, 46th Street mural project steering committee members Craig van den Bosch, Debbie Bell, Eric Wahl and Linda Clifton, joined by Fremont neighbors Lars Larsen, David Bair and  school board candidate Sue Peters, weed-whacked, swept up debris, raked leaves, and scrubbed grime off the 46th Street mural Sunday morning for the mural’s first cleaning in several months.  “Brake dust on the mural turned part of it black,” said Clifton, “and it was really satisfying to be able to brush so much of it away.” The project steering committee organized the clean-up and raises money to repair damage to the image. FNC is the fiscal sponsor for the mural project. Thanks, volunteers!

On Saturday, FAWN (Fremont-Aurora-Wallingford Neighbors), sponsored a litter pick-up along Aurora. Charlie Reidy, who organized the event, reports that “We had a really good turnout. Sally’s going to get all their names so they can be recognized. There were so many bags that we decided to keep them on the corner of 41st & Aurora” for pick-up by the city. Volunteers included Charlie, Robert, Sally, Myles, Amy, David, Kyle and CJ. Charlie writes, “We’ll do another cleanup on September 28.” Thanks, FAWN!

Seattle Public Utilities supplied big yellow garbage bags, gloves and picker-sticks to both groups, and will pick up the full bags on request.  Find information on the SPU site under “Adopt-A-Street” FNC cleans up Fremont Avenue in cooperation with this program.