Fremont Bridge getting facelift–here’s the info from SDOT:

Hey Fremonsters –

Crews have been busy working inside the “heel” of the bridge on the north side of the ship canal – the area under the bridge that pivots down when the part you see goes up.  They’ve been hauling out road grit and pigeon guano, pressure washing and scraping paint, and – yes – priming and painting this area for a month now.

Crews have also strung cables below the northern bascule, from the base of the bridge toward the center or “toe” of the bridge.   These cables will support a containment system which protects the Ship Canal from anything might fall during the work: rust, scraped paint, tools, paint drips, etc.  So, next week things will kick into high gear with prep work and painting over the water and over the bridge deck.

Beginning September 2nd, just after Labor Day, the northbound curbside lane will be closed to traffic between 7 AM and 3 PM, Monday through Friday. The walkway on the east side of the bridge will also be closed at these times, so all pedestrian and bicycle traffic will need to share the walkway on the west side.  Please, please be considerate of your fellow travelers, particularly on the narrow center section of the walkway.

There will also be full closures of the bridge to all traffic between 12AM (midnight) to 7AM on Saturday and Sunday mornings on September 6, 7, 13 and 14.  During these closures, two five-minute bridge crossing opportunities will be offered to pedestrians and bicycle riders (but not for vehicles, who will have a signed detour instead) at 1:20 AM and 2:20 AM.

The next phase of the project will require closing one southbound traffic lane between 10AM and 3PM in addition to the northbound lane closure between 7AM and 3PM.  That won’t begin for several weeks yet, but it has to be done to allow crews to work over the (eastern) inside travel lane.

One last note – get ready for the sight of shockingly unfaded blue and orange paint!

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